Changing Skin Care: Tips for All Seasons


There are a few different types of people out there: those that cry when summer ends, those that cheer on the first crisp fall days, and those who want to fast forward right into winter! No matter what type of person you are, your skin will react to the change in seasons, so we need to make sure that we change our skin care along with the weather to make sure that we are keeping our skin healthy, and looking it’s best.

From Summer to Fall

All summer we are outside, in the warm air, with our skin looking dewy from the humidity, but as that warmth and humidity abruptly fades, along with our tans, and that cool, dry air becomes more prevalent, our skin starts needing some major TLC.

Tips for fabulous fall skin:

  1. Switch things up with a heavier lotion than your “go to” summer lotion; cocoa butter based lotions are a great for fall skin because they have fatty acids which helps to add a power punch of moisture to the skin. For your face, you will want to change to a thicker cream as well; Aveeno and Neutrogena make some great options that won’t break the bank.
  2. Make sure you exfoliate in the shower to slough off the dull skin to get those fresh, new, vibrant skin cells to the surface, where they belong.
  3. Have a thick hand cream available for use during the day, and reapply before bed. Putting on a thick hand cream and covering with gloves or socks to help the cream to absorb into your skin and not your sheets, will have you waking up with perfectly moisturized hands!
  4. You can pull the same trick with a foot cream, applying before bed with socks to sleep, and have perfect little piggies come morning that will last throughout the day.
  5. There are some warm days, and the sun might not feel strong, but it is important to wear a daily lotion with sunscreen in it.

From Fall to Winter

Fall can be a more gradual cool, and when winter comes like an arctic blast, not only do you want to hibernate forever and you feel like every bit of exposed skin is totally stripped of all moisture (which it is, even when we try our best to keep it covered with hats, mittens, gloves, etc.) Winter cold calls for some major skin interventions!

Tips to weather the winter with perfect skin:

  1. Limit long hot showers: as good as they feel, they tend to strip your skin of the natural oils that protect and moisturize your skin.
  2. Right after you get out of the shower, still in that humid bathroom, slap on a thick moisturizer (think cocoa butter or any body butter) and give it time to soak in. You should have one moisturizer for your body and for your face. It doesn’t always seem that appealing to put cold lotion on warm skin, and it is a bit decadent, but you can always purchase a lotion warmer.
  3. Use a thick hand cream frequently throughout the day to prevent dry, cracked hands and cuticles. Make sure to thoroughly rub into your hands and focus on your nails and cuticles (it prevents them from drying out too!)
  4. Use the hand/feet trick (from Fall) to keep them moisturized at night and into the day.

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Winter into Spring

Spring is the best season: when winter starts to let up and the weather gets warmer, you can finally go outside with fewer layers on… it’s total bliss! It can be a tough transition for your skin though; it may be tough to make the decision of when to go back to a lighter summer lotion, and give up the thicker winter lotions.

Tips to spring ahead with skin care:

  1. Start to again be diligent about a face cream with a sunscreen in it; your skin hasn’t seen the sun in a while and the stronger it gets, the more you are at risk for a burn.
  2. While it is still chilly, and before the humidity starts in, keep using your winter moisturizer on your face at night before bed.
  3. Once you start to feel more humidity in the air, and the weather gets consistently warmer, you can switch to a lighter lotion for your body
  4. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate off that dull winter skin to look and feel refreshed!

Spring into Summer

During the summer months, despite the fact that we may be spending more time outdoors, between wearing sunscreen, and the humidity, we are actually locking more moisture into our skin. All that said, remember that if you spend a lot of time in the sun, reapply sunscreen frequently and also wearing a hat/cover-up can go a long way in preventing a burn, which will suck all of the moisture right out of your skin, and can cause long-term damage.

Tips for perfect summer face:

  1. Wear sunscreen with a minimum if SPF 30 and reapply every 90 minutes (or after prolonged swimming, sweating, etc.)
  2. After showering, you can use a light lotion to quickly absorb into your skin. Lotions with antioxidants can always help to prevent free radicals that can cause cancer, so it’s great for your face and other frequently exposed to the sun areas.
  3. Don’t forget SPF on your lips to prevent dry lips and sun damage.
  4. If you do get a burn, aloe vera and/or oatmeal-based lotions can go a long way to help to add that moisture back into your skin and soothe the burn.

Despite all of the products and timing to use lotions, SPF, and everything else, one of the BEST things you can do for your skin? Keep hydrated! Drinking your 8 glasses of water a day helps to flush toxins and keep you moisturized from the inside!

Yours in Good Health!