Capri Pants for Summer Chic


When the sun comes out, it’s natural to want to get out of jeans, long skirts, tights and trousers and pull something out of your wardrobe that’s brighter, lighter and easier to wear. For many, Capri-style pants or shorts are perfect. They give you an immediate summer look, but without worrying about exposing too much in the process.

Capri Pants for Summer Chic

These womens trousers are easily available online at cotton traders or on the high street, because the cut and shape are flattering and look great dressed up or down. Also known as cropped trousers, this style comes in a range of lengths – from just below the knee to almost cigarette-style pants that finish above the ankle. However short or long you want to go, there’s certainly plenty to choose from – patterned or plain, neutral or bold, classic or trendy.

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What to wear with your Capri pants?

Again, the timeless style of these trousers means you can wear them with practically anything. Heading off for a cliff-top walk? Combine your trousers with good quality walking boots, a simple cotton t-shirt and a fleece in case it gets a bit breezy. Going down to the beach? Pull them on over your swimsuit and take a floaty blouse or short sarong to wear over the top. Complete with a wide-brimmed sunhat and some colourful flip-flops for a great look. Or perhaps you’re looking for something to wear for a relaxed dinner – match your cropped trousers with a sequinned top and heeled sandals for a more sophisticated look.

Not only are there plenty of ways to wear these trousers; there are also plenty of trousers to choose from and lots of them are at great prices. That means you could buy two or three pairs in your favourite colours, or look for different lengths, so that you have lots of choice in your wardrobe at home or your suitcase when you’re on holiday. There are still some summer bargains around, so you can make your budget stretch further than you think.

If shorts are too short and trousers are too long, cropped trousers or Capri pants are the perfect choice. Anyone can look elegant in this style with the right blouse from cotton traders, shoes and accessories, and you can enjoy summer knowing that you’re looking great. Available in many summer collections, it will be easy to find the cut and colours that work best for you so that you can get into the swing of things as soon as the sun comes out.

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