The Benefits of Treadmills


Treadmills have been around a long time, but they are still one of the most popular types of fitness equipment. Treadmills are the best form of fitness equipment for cardiovascular exercise. They work most of the large muscles in the body, and they burn more calories than most of the other types of fitness equipment.

Running and walking outdoors


Treadmills have certain benefits that set them apart from the other forms of fitness equipment. Running and walking are the most popular types of exercise, and using a treadmill combines the two. Whether you are a serious running enthusiast, or your only exercise is the occasional walk to the shops and back, a treadmill suits the exercising needs of everyone.

You can simply adjust the speed and incline to suit yourself, depending on the cardiovascular workout that you are aiming for. Treadmills have become so sophisticated that you can even replicate running up and down hills, or concentrate on speed work.

Running and walking outdoors are both high impact activities, and there is a lot of stress placed on the joints as a result of the concrete and asphalt surfaces. Treadmills are low impact, so there is less chance of injuring yourself whilst using one. The models at the higher end of the range can absorb a lot of the impact, so there is much less stress on the joints when using a treadmill, and injuries are less likely.


Walking supports the skeletal muscles, and most importantly, the heart. It also plays a big part in maintaining a healthy bone mass. This is especially important for women, as osteoporosis is very common in women as they get older.

Walking is a completely natural activity, and it is has been proven to burn the most calories with the least amount of physical exertion. This makes it an extremely popular activity, and one that you are more likely to stick with. Unlike fitness equipment such as rowing machines or exercise bikes, the treadmill actually powers you, rather than the other way round. As it is constantly moving, it encourages you to carry on walking or running, thus providing a subtle form of motivation.