5 Great Ways to Get to Know our Surrounding Area


Sometimes a new job means a return to familiar stomping ground, but often it means moving to a new city. Whether new to a city or not, chances are there is something new the city can offer you. It is time to welcome the chance for a modern adventure. Here are some great ways to get to know your surrounding area.

1. Be a tourist

Visiting the local tourist places is a great way to learn the city without the embarrassment of not knowing where you are going. The city grew up where it is now for a reason. Referencing published travel guides can provide ideas on where to go. Afterward, you can pose as an expert for anyone who comes to visit your new digs!

2. Check out the local calendar

Local newspapers or visitors bureaus often have events listed on their websites. You can find anything and everything from visiting arts exhibits to minor league sports games.

3. Pick up flyers

Many local eateries and coffee shops will have a community bulletin board. Pause while you wait for your morning latte and you may be rewarded with an opportunity to visit a live music venue or community theater performance. You may discover a local venue you like!

4. Volunteer

There is always a need for a helping hand. Opportunities are all around from helping at your local food bank or with your favorite charity. Even longer term volunteering like coaching children’s sports teams will get you out and about. Plus, you’ll walk out with that good deed afterglow.

5. Take a road trip

Still think you know the place like the back of your hand? Try a day trip! Many state or national parks are right around the corner. Enjoy a morning nature hike or some better star gazing. A one to two hour drive opens up many more possibilities right outside the city limits.

Most people will spend the majority of their time in a bubble around their home or work. Learning a city will take some courage, but the key is to have a desire to get out of the daily routine. The strange new city will become more familiar as you become an expert on what your city has to offer.