5 Benefits of a Modded Xbox 360 Controller


You’ve played for hours on end trying to hone your skills, but you just can’t top that leaderboard. No matter what new strategies you try, nothing seems to give you results. It becomes frustrating and eventually playing games just isn’t fun anymore. Odds are, you’re not the problem. It might be your controller, and after a few modifications you’ll find your performance and enjoyment of modded Xbox 360 controller skyrocketing.

1. Boost to your gameplay abilities

There are quite a few things a modded Xbox 360 controller can do for you, but the most important and obvious benefit is the boost to your gameplay abilities. You can gain an edge on the competition with built-in features like auto-fire. This comes in handy especially during online shooters, where every little bit helps to elevate you above the rest and shoot you to the top of the scoreboard. Even without hours of practice, your performance will spike simply from the controller.

2. Fit your hand specifically

That boost stems from comfort, as well. You can tailor the controller to fit your hand specifically. Everyone’s body is different, so why should we all use the same controller? Mod your Xbox 360 controller to fit perfectly in your hands with add-ons like rubber grips, personalized buttons and thumbsticks, and custom triggers. The ergonomic increase will help reduce injury to your hands, allowing you to play better for longer.

3. Rechargeable battery pack

Since you’ll be playing longer, you’ll go through batteries pretty quickly. Luckily, modded Xbox 360 controllers save you money in the long run. You can add a rechargeable battery pack to avoid buying countless disposable batteries that won’t last you very long. A battery mod will last longer than standard batteries, so you won’t find yourself interrupted in the middle of a game.

4. Modding can fix what the designers messed up

Although controllers aren’t perfect, modding yours can fix what the designers messed up. For example, default Xbox 360 controllers make precise moves difficult to execute in fighting games. Rather than buy an expensive arcade fighting stick, mod your controller with a superior d-pad. It’ll eliminate your frustrations with your controller, making it less of an obstacle and more of an extension from you to the game.

5. Stand out from the rest

Finally, there’s the fact that modded controllers stand out from the rest. From artwork for your favorite game to a color scheme that’s uniquely you, you can mod your controller to look any way you’d like. Turn your controller into a small piece of art that you’re proud to display on your shelf. A modded controller can increase the value and attractiveness of any gamer’s collection, making something you look forward to playing with. When even the controller screams with personality, you know you’re going to stand out that much more – and have more fun while doing it.

There’s no end to the possibilities of a modded Xbox 360 controller. The benefits run from game-changing boosters to superficial distinguishers. When you have seemingly plateaued in your skills for the latest shooter or sports game, a modded controller may very well be what you need to break through to the next level. And the improved ergonomics mean you can play for much longer without the worry of injury or strain, really taking your game to the fullest.