9 Most Beautiful Updos That You Can Do in Just 5 Minutes


I know it from my own experience that wearing hair loose all the time is boring and it bothers as it gets into your face. Moreover, I can say that making an up-do requires even less time and efforts than a regular hair styling and it is certainly less damaging to your hair than using curling or smoothing tongs.

There is a wide range of up-dos you can choose from to suit you best. You will look just gorgeous when your up-do is well done and carefully chosen and not only that.

It is all about how you feel yourself when your hair doesn`t interfere but makes you feel comfortable and relax as you don`t have to comb it from time to time or check the curls in the mirror. But no more words! Here are the best hair up-dos which are fashionable, easy to do and just fantastic as you make them.

1. Side ponytail

This is a classic yet very nice look. Tease your hair at the roots to give it some volume and comb your hair back to smooth a little. Then pull it into side ponytail.

You can add any variation you want, to curl the tail, to leave a lock loose. What I advise you to do is to hide the elastic with a string of hair.

To do so you have to take a small section of hair at the bottom of the tail, wind it around and pin up. This will make your up-do more defined and elegant. A side ponytail will be a perfect choice for any special occasion or in your everyday life when you don`t want to have your hail loose.