9 Most Beautiful Updos That You Can Do in Just 5 Minutes


I know it from my own experience that wearing hair loose all the time is boring and it bothers as it gets into your face. Moreover, I can say that making an up-do requires even less time and efforts than a regular hair styling and it is certainly less damaging to your hair than using curling or smoothing tongs.

There is a wide range of up-dos you can choose from to suit you best. You will look just gorgeous when your up-do is well done and carefully chosen and not only that.

It is all about how you feel yourself when your hair doesn`t interfere but makes you feel comfortable and relax as you don`t have to comb it from time to time or check the curls in the mirror. But no more words! Here are the best hair up-dos which are fashionable, easy to do and just fantastic as you make them.

1. Side ponytail

This is a classic yet very nice look. Tease your hair at the roots to give it some volume and comb your hair back to smooth a little. Then pull it into side ponytail.

You can add any variation you want, to curl the tail, to leave a lock loose. What I advise you to do is to hide the elastic with a string of hair.

To do so you have to take a small section of hair at the bottom of the tail, wind it around and pin up. This will make your up-do more defined and elegant. A side ponytail will be a perfect choice for any special occasion or in your everyday life when you don`t want to have your hail loose.

2. “Easier than it looks” updo

As you look at the picture you might think that it may be done only by a hair stylist, but I assure you that it is effortless to do yourself. Rather the bottom section of the hair into a loose bun and fix it with bobby pins.

Next take the remaining top section of your hair and make an upside down ponytail and loosely pin it up around the bun. And that`s all! You have a fantastic hairstyle as you have just seen a professional. As you train your hand doing it you will soon spend only a few minutes to create this tender and stylish look.

3. Ballerina bun

This one will be perfect for long hair as you can pull up all the hair and make it sleek and stylish. What you do first is make a high ponytail and brush your hail well to make it smooth and tangle-free. Then grab the base of the ponytail with your left hand below the elastic.

Take your ponytail in the right hand and pull it around to make a loop and put the end of the ponytail to form a loose knot. Now make a bun and hide all the loose ends around it and pin them up. Fix the up-do with the hairspray and that is all!

4. Low chignon

This up-do will be something special to make, it will be perfect not only for office but for some special event. Divide your hair into two parts the top and the bottom and clip the top so that it wouldn`t interfere.

Give the bottom section a little volume and pull it into a ponytail with an elastic, then pull it under and make a tuck bun. Make it a little bit messy. Now take the top section of the hair and divide it into the right and left sections.

Now take the left one and wind it round the right side of the bun and secure with pins, and do the same with the right section – only direct it to the left side of the bun. Fix it with hairspray and you are ready to charm everybody.

5. Inside out ponytail bun

I think you will appreciate this up-do as well. It is very easy and helps to create a look in a slipshod manner. Again, start with a high ponytail, divide the bottom part of it and tuck into the elastic of the ponytail.

Then pull it up at the very top with a small tug and fix. The up-do id ready! You can also pin up some loose locks at the back.

6. Twist around side braid

This up-do is so lovely and romantic that it can`t but become one of your favorites. And of course it is very easy and fast to complete. Actually you should not braid your hair as we used to, but you have to make a side ponytail firstly.

Then divide it into two sections and run them through the place before the elastic at the base of the tail so that you get an upside down ponytail. Precede doing so along the full length of your hair to create numerous upside ponytails and secure it with an elastic after each turn. Here it is!

7. Faux bob

This up-do is designed for women with shorter hair. You will love it without doubt! To begin with, curl your hair alternating the direction of the curls in order to give your hair more texture.

After it gather your hair in a low ponytail with a small elastic to match the color of your hair. Tuck the end of the pony tail under it and secure it with bobby pins.

Pull out some hair out of it to make it look fuller and that is all. You look fabulous and ready conquer everybody`s hearts.

8. Twist, clip and pin

You will enjoy this hairdo as it is very simple to make and it will help you create a cute and romantic look. All the hair is picked up from your neck and face so it won`t bother you and you will feel relaxed and at ease. You start as if you are going to do a regular ponytail but instead of using an elastic you grab your hair and clip somewhere in the middle of it.

You can leave it as it is with the locks of hair hanging loose over the clip but if you have rather long hair you can pin them up if you want to. This up-do will become your salvation when you are in a hurry but don`t want to busy yourself with the hair.

9. Princess roll

This up-do looks extremely cute, sweet and beautiful as if you have spend hours and hours standing in front of the mirror. It will be a perfect variant to choose when you have to look fabulous for some special event and to verify your habitual hairdos on a sunny day when you are in high spirits. The basis of this up-do is a stretchy headband which you have to place on your head like a flower wreath.

If you have a long thick hair I would advise you to use two bands so that your hair would not fall down but be held up securely. Start wrapping the hair locks around the headband from your temple area until all the hair on both sides is hidden.

When you are done secure it with the hairspray and place a few bobby pins if needed. That is all! There are many online tutorials on how to make this up-do step by step.

Here they are, cute, easy and quick to make, up-does which will definitely be useful for you when you are creating a new look for tomorrow. You can do a new one every day and be sure that you`ll be caching envious glances on you wherever you go. So which one would you try first?