7 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know about Dreams


People have been interested in dreams since ancient times. Naturally, we can see dreams every time when we sleep. But very seldom we think about their mysterious nature. How are they born in our minds? Some interesting facts concerning dreams are really worth talking about. You can dream at night even without realizing it. Some people have problems with their sleep, and they often suffer from insomnia. As a result, they can’t see dreams at night, so when they are awake, they usually dream. This phenomenon is known as hallucinations. Look through these amazing facts about dreams, which will help you understand what happens in your mind while sleeping.

1. All people dream

Surely, all humans have the ability to dream. I know some people who say they never see dreams. But the fact is that they simply can’t remember what they saw at night. It is interesting to know that we can memorize only 10% of our dreams throughout our life. It happens so because you dream a lot in your infancy, and it isn’t easy to revive some of your memories when you are an adult.

2. Your dreams and reality are interconnected

Perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that most of your dreams are the reflection of those things that happen in your life. For example, you can hear a song while sleeping, and just after waking up, you will discover that it was playing on the radio or TV. Sometimes I have a terrible dream in which my alarm clock goes off late, and at that very time, I wake up because of my alarm ringing. I think you also have experienced such moments. How can we explain this? When our body is in the deepest sleep, it usually struggles to wake itself up. That is the reason.

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3. Not everyone sees colorful dreams

It seems unbelievable, but the facts say that 12% of the world population can’t have colorful dreams. Those unfortunate people see only black and white images. Some researches showed that before the 1950s, there were more people who could see dreams without color. Today the situation has changed. It is considered that color television has influenced our dreams greatly.

4. Animals dream too

Those people who have pets, especially dogs, can frequently observe them dreaming. It is a well-known fact that these animals can even bark and run when they are sleeping. It is necessary to mention that a lot of other animals like cats, horses, and elephants can see dreams too.

5. You dream most about stressful things

If you have numerous stressful situations during the day, you should be ready that they will not leave you even in your dreams at night. In most cases, the things that stress you the outcome in unusual forms different from those you see in real life. Have you ever felt that the people who surround you are insincere? This unpleasant feeling may follow you in your dreams, and you will see those people dressed in costumes. Amazingly, some dreams can occur even several times. For instance, I remember dreaming about my friend who tried to change herself because of a man. In that dream, I saw her wearing a mask like she was pretending to be another person.

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6. Blind people dream

Do you know that a blind person can dream? Despite the fact they can’t enjoy the beauty of our world, they can still see certain images while sleeping. There are two types of blind people: those born blind and those who lost their sight due to some circumstances. They both are lucky to dream at night. The difference is that the people who are blind from birth can only feel, hear and smell images in their dreams.

7. You can experience orgasms while dreaming

It’s not a secret that most of us can have intimate dreams. Generally, they start at the period of puberty, when people don’t have any experience. I was astonished to hear that the orgasms we have in our dreams can be more powerful than those in real life. You’d better not tell anyone about that!

We should admit that dreams are really amazing. They can be so different. I’m sure there is not such a person in the world who has never had a dream. Sometimes we can easily forget the images we saw during our sleep. But some of them are so close to real-life that we remember them for a long time. Whether you have a lovely or a terrifying dream, it will always be an escape from reality. If you know any other surprising facts about dreams, let us know, please.