5 Simple Ways to Change Your Look


Have you ever experienced a case like this where you look in the mirror and just feel really uninspired by what you see? If you are fed up with your current look then it can really erode your self-esteem and overall mood. That’s why it is so important as soon as possible in order to return to your usual self! The good news is it doesn’t always take a complete makeover to do so. You can try these 5 super simple ways to change your look.

1. Wardrobe swap

Do something fun like swapping a wardrobe with your best friends. You should spend the whole day wearing an outfit made from only their clothes. It’s even better if you do it with a friend who has a different style!

2. New makeup

You can try new types of makeup. Change your cosmetics and focus areas to see if you hit on something you love. This is something you can quickly remove if you don’t like it, and it’s just fun to experiment with making your face look different.

3. Clip-in extensions

It’s amazing how different you can look with a new hairstyle. So experiment with a few different ideas and find your perfect look.

4. Change parting

You can change the angle or side of your parting.  It seems like an insignificant thing, but this can be a great start for your look changes.

5. Fake piercing

Get fake body jewelry and see what transformations it makes! You can play with eyebrow, nose, or lip piercings. This is an easy way to change your look.