5 Benefits of Booking a Vacation Rental Property


Have you ever booked a vacation before? If you have, then you’ve probably noticed that there are a few different options where accommodation is concerned. One of these options is the vacation rental property. A vacation rental property is a house, studio apartment, villa or condominium that has facilities for guests to make meals. So why should you book a vacation rental property rather than stay at a hotel? Read on to learn more about the advantages associated with booking a vacation rental property.

1. Less Expensive

Staying at a vacation rental home is often less expensive than lodging at a decent hotel. This is especially true if you are booking a large rental home for extended family or a group of friends, because you can share the cost between you. If you stay at a vacation rental property, you will also save money on the cost of food. That’s because most vacation rental homes come with a fully equipped kitchen, so you can prepare your own meals instead of spending extra cash at restaurants.

2. More Space

Vacation rental homes are an excellent choice if you happen to be the kind of person that likes to have plenty of physical space. Most hotel rooms offer around three hundred square feet of living space. Vacation rentals generally provide 1,000 feet of living space or more. The extra space gives everyone on the vacation more breathing room, which means less tension and a better time for all concerned. For instance, imagine you go on vacation with a group of friends and end up arguing with one of them. Having another room to escape to would be very handy in such a situation.

3. The Comforts of Home

Vacation rental properties are generally much more comfortable than standard hotel rooms. They offer more than just a bed and a bathroom. Vacation rentals usually include a kitchen, living room and dining area. Most also have extras like laundry facilities, televisions, DVD players, a stereo system and clean linens. Some vacation rentals have books, games and toys for children. Large high-end rentals may even have a bar, hot tub and/or private pool. If you stay at a vacation rental property, you can expect to enjoy all of the comforts you have at your own home. These extra comforts make it easier to relax and have fun.

4. Privacy

Vacation rentals are an excellent choice for people who value their privacy. If you stay at a hotel, you are in the public domain as soon as you leave the room you are sleeping in. You may also find that people staying in adjacent rooms make a great deal of noise and disturb your sleep. What’s more, the cleaning staff will want to come inside your room in order to clean it each day. If you stay at a vacation rental, it will be entirely private and you won’t have to deal with strangers or unwanted noise. You can also lie in as late as you like without someone knocking on your door and asking to clean. The only people you have to see are the friends and/or family members that are on the vacation with you.

5. Less Impersonal

Vacation rentals are usually privately owned. Booking a vacation rental generally involves dealing directly with the owner of the property. The owner of the property will be entirely focused on you during your stay. They will try to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible in the hope that you will book their property again in the future. If you choose a hotel, the service will be far less personal because they have several guests to attend to.

So have fun!