11 Signs That Your House Could Be Haunted


Stories about haunted houses are fairly common. Most people either believe they live in a haunted house, or know someone who does. However, actual hauntings are not as widespread as you might think. Most seemingly unexplainable occurrences have rational explanations. So how can you be sure whether your house is haunted or not? Read on to learn more about the kinds of phenomena that could have a paranormal cause.

1. Unexplainable Sounds

Have you ever heard a noise that spooked you because you couldn’t find a rational explanation for it? Noises like someone walking on the floor above you when nobody else is home, strange murmurings, knocking, objects smashing on a floor, whispering, talking or even music that has no discernable origin could all be signs that there’s a paranormal entity in your home. However, in most cases the sounds that spook us have a rational explanation. For instance, old plumbing pipes in houses can make some rather terrifying noises in the dead of the night. Investigate all possible causes of any sound that freaks you out before you jump to any conclusions.

2. How Did That Happen?

Have you been in a situation where you swear you left a drawer closed but you find it left open, or come into the living room to find the television blaring when you know you didn’t switch it on? Have you opened a door only to have it slam shut again as soon as your back is turned? Have you switched off a light as you left a room only to find it on again when you come back ten minutes later? These phenomena can be signs of a haunting. However, it could be argued that such situations are just the result of absent mindedness. Unless you are one hundred percent certain that you or another person did not leave the light on or the door open, there is probably no cause for concern.

3. Missing Objects

Have you ever placed an object in its regular place after using it, only to find it missing when you want it later on? Have you looked high and low to find the missing object and been unsuccessful? Did the object you couldn’t find reappear in a noticeable place you would never have missed during your search? Some people believe that such occurrences can have a paranormal explanation. Skeptics usually attribute such situations to simple forgetfulness.

4. Unexplainable Shadows

Have you ever seen a strange shadow or shape that was not caused by a person, pet or object in the room? Have you thought you saw a light or movement from the corner of your eye, only to find there was nothing there when you look directly? Unexplained shadows, light or movement could be a sign that your home is haunted. Such phenomena could also be the result of your mind playing tricks on you by looking for significance where there is none.

5. Pet Behavior

Have you ever notice that your dog or cat is focused on a certain area of the room, but when you look there is nothing there? Some people believe that cats and dogs are more sensitive to paranormal phenomena than human beings because their sixth sense is finely tuned. Dogs and cats definitely have very sensitive ears and noses, so they may be able to pick up on something a person would miss.