4 Tips on Wearing Perfume


Leave it to Madame Coco Chanel to tell women they must wear perfume. Maybe she was trying to advertise and sell her signature scent or maybe she had a point. Perfume does say a lot about women. It sometimes tells a women’s age, her social status or class, and occasionally, it can say a lot about a women’s salary…

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant oils and aroma compounds. It is on human beings, objects, or in living spaces to provide a pleasant scent. They have been known to exist in the earliest human civilizations, Mesopotamia and Egypt, and then refined by the Persians and Romans. The selling of modern perfumery began in the 19th century.

1. Signature vs several

The whole concept of signature scents sounds equally as appealing as having different scents for different outfits. Deciding which to pledge to may be difficult. Here’s the basic concept: if you want people to notice and remember you by a certain scent to the point where they don’t have to see you know it’s you, then you definitely want to find your signature scent. On the other hand, if you want to have a bit of fun and switch it up every night and day, then investing in a lot of different perfumes is the right way to go.

2. Eu de perfume vs Eu de toilette

An eu de perfume is stronger than Eu de toilet. Eu de perfume is more concentrated and the scent will last longer. However when wearing, only add 1-2 spritz on yourself or you’ll be overwhelming. Eu de toilette is a less intense version of the perfume. When choosing which to purchase, you just need to decide how intense you wish to smell.

3. Choosing perfumes

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different scents out there. Perfumes smell different on individual people so take some time trying out the ones you like on your skin. See if you prefer musky, floral, girly, or cologne-like scents. Find the ones you like that are in your price range or splurge on a high-quality scent.

4. Don’t overdo it

Nothing worse than giving everyone around you a coughing fit. If you spritz too much, you’ll make everyone around you feel very uncomfortable. Your perfume should be almost secret. You want people to get a light whiff of it when you walk by them or when you are talking. You don’t want everyone to know you’re wearing it the second you walk in. It’s very distracting and irritating, plus, some people have severe allergies so be careful!


Fantastic Florals

Top: Paul Smith Rose, Mark Jacobs Daisy, Gucci Rush
Bottom: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Rose Du Desert

Musky and Sensual

Top: Calvin Klein Euphoria, Versace Bright Crystal, Kashima Touch
Bottom: Narciso Rodriguez for Her, Perfect Veil

Sweet, Bold, and Feminine

Top: Viva la Juicy, Chanel Chance, Guess for Women
Bottom: Danna Karan Cashmere Mist, Lacoste Touch of Pink, Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker

Do you wear perfume on a daily basis? If so, which one? Do you prefer having a signature scent or switching it up daily?