3 Hot Trends in Cosmetics For This Spring and Summer


The buds are showing up on the trees. A little green is appearing in the gardens. The smell of fresh air is entering into our homes. Spring is in the air. It is time for a spring overhaul. That includes cleaning out your cosmetics drawer and replenishing it with some up-to-date looks that will stay hot for the upcoming seasons. Let’s take a look at the hot trends for spring/summer 2011.

Classic color

As far a nail polish goes, you can’t go wrong with the classic colors. Basic reds, pinks, and pastels are always a safe bet. But this spring, it is the blue nail polish that is making a splash. Bright blue nails are showing up on all of the hottest celebrities. It is a statement that is actually very easy to pull off. Choose a shade that’s right for you, and you’ll be surprised at the attention your nails will get.

Pewter shades

Pewter shades are in style as well. In the spring lines of clothing, as well as cosmetics, the pewter color is definitely ruling the shows. Pewter is great as a nail color and also an eye shadow shade. And, it definitely makes the blue eyes pop! “Say ‘hello’ to my baby blues.”

Nude lipstick

Another trend in cosmetics for spring is the nude lipstick. Bigger eyes and less on the lips, is what we have been seeing recently. The softer, sweeter you will be strolling down the block in your printed dress and flip flops. Sweet and subtle makeup is the key.

Along those lines, the fake tan is so yesterday. Stick with the healthy skin look and stay out of the direct sun this season. Or, simply apply SPF 15+ to the face and keep your skin protected. Use plenty of moisturizers and cosmetics with moisturizers in them. Staying hydrated is also a biggie. Drink plenty of water as the warmer weather approaches.

Take these tips and you will find your spring and summer is a success! Enjoy the softer, healthier, sweeter you!