23 Helpful Infographics For Longer Life


Who doesn’t want to live a longer, healthier, happier life? I know I do. To that end – the living longer bit – I’ve compiled some of the helpful infographics with sure-fire ways to live somewhat more, so we can enjoy all the wonder, joy, and new adventures.

1. 12 Healthy Habits

2. 10 Keys To Happiness

3. 22 Ways

4. Live Longe & Happier

5. Quit…Or Never Start

6. Does Height Matter?

7. It’s 90% Lifestyle

8. Don’t Work So Much!

9. Who Wants To Live Forever?

10. Make New Friends

11. How M2M Technology Will Help The World Population Live Longer

12. Who’s Helping?

13. How To Live Forever

14. The Scenic Route

15. These Foods

16. Men: Get Married

17. The Power Of Smiling

18. The Secrets To Living Longer

19. How To Live Forever

20. Our Animal Friends

21. Science Says So!

22. 10 Rules For A Longer Life

23. Pretty… And True!