46 Health Infographics That You Wish You Knew Years Ago


Health infographics cover such an enormous scope of subjects. It’s great to be informed on the general issues that worry your health but on the other hand, there are infographics to help on specific issues as well. Here’s a mix of general and specific issues of health in infographics.

1. 10 Tips For Healthy Lifestyle

2. 7 Tips Staying Healthy At Work

3. The Nutrition Of Mental Health

4. Anxiety

5. Boost Your Happiness

6. Bone Facts

7. The Science Of Vitamins And The Body

8. Good Posture

9. Diet Soda?

10. Diet Trends

11. The Color Of Your Urine

12. Water

13. Myths About Allergies

14. 17 Reasons To Avoid Stress

15. Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

16. Poor Dental Hygiene

17. Digital Eye Strain

18. Flip Flops

19. A Fit Brain

20. Healthiest Sleeping Positions

21. Inflammation

22. Smoking Timeline

23. Are You Allergic Or Intolerant?

24. The Sedentary Lifestyle

25. Being Facetious

26. The Ultimate Guide To Oral Health

27. 12 Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In Cosmetics & Skin Care Products

28. Ketosis

29. Hormone Imbalances

30. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

31. High Energy Day

32. Brainology

33. A Lifetime Of Medical Checkups

34. Ice Or Heat?

35. DNA

36. Eye Health

37. The Dangers Of Abusing Alcohol

38. Where And Why Emotional Pain Becomes Physical Discomfort

39. 50 Incredible Facts About Skin

40. Sleep Deprivation

41. Walk Your Way To Better Health

42. Heart Disease

43. The Truth About Tanning

44. Ebola

45. East Vs. West Medicine

46. Eye Color