200 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

  1. Egghead – If your boyfriend is a bit absent-minded sometimes.
  2. Fated One – If you know both of you are destined to be.
  3. Fruity Pebble – Delicious like the cereal.
  4. Fruitcake – What’s better than fruit and cake? Not much if you ask us.
  5. Dork – For a dude lives a little more on the nerdy side of things.
  6. Diamond – Because he is your diamond in the rough.
  7. Dimples – For a guy with dimples.
  8. Dreamer – Given to the boy who loves to dream.
  9. DragonFly – A cute name for a freeflying kind of guy.
  10. Flame – If he lights a fire under you.
  11. Flamethrower – Similar to flame, but much more impressive.
  12. Forest – If he runs like Forest Gump through your mind.
  13. Glorious – If you find him glorified in every way.
  14. Gummy Bear – For a man who is tough but sweet enough to eat up!
  15. Goofball – A name laid upon those who are goofy.
  16. Goku – For a tough dude who loves Dragon Ball Z.
  17. Goofy – Because he is a silly person.
  18. Guapo – Spanish for good-looking.
  19. Golden – He is the golden boy of your life.
  20. Giggles – He makes you giggle a lot.
  21. Gangsta Baby – If he has ‘hood’ qualities.
  22. Hot Stuff – Maybe he makes you go just by looking at him.
  23. Hot Pants – For a dude with a persona that’s on fire.
  24. Honey Bunny – For a darling with calm inclinations.
  25. Hermoso – Spanish for handsome.
  26. Hottie McNaughty – For a hottie who acts truly naughty.
  27. Hoshi – Japanese for star.
  28. Hubby – For the man you plan on marrying.
  29. Heisenberg – For a bad boy who loves Breaking Bad!
  30. Huggy Bear – If your beau loves to give you hugs.
  31. Hunk – For the hunky heap of guy, you adore.
  32. Hulk – Because he is strong like the superhero.
  33. Huggy Bear – Give this one to a boy full of great embraces.
  34. Honey Pot – Perfect for somebody who is so tasty you want to dip right in.
  35. Hot Fudge Sundae – Hot chocolate is sweet and warm and full of sugar.
  36. Jamster – Someone who loves to jam out!
  37. Just Mine – Meaning he doesn’t belong to anyone else but you.
  38. Jitterbug – An engaging pet name to use for fun.
  39. Jello Cup – A cute name for a charming guy.
  40. Joy – For the perfect partner who brings joy into your life.
  41. Jujube – Like the candy.
  42. Junebug – For the boy who adores summer.
  43. Jelly Bean – Jelly beans come in all flavors, maybe your boyfriend is versatile, too.
  44. K.O – Meaning he is a knockout.
  45. Kind Heart – A name for those with hearts of gold.
  46. Kindred Soul – Someone who shares the same beliefs as you, for example, your beau.
  47. Kissy Face – Let him know how much you really enjoy kissing his face.
  48. Kawaii – The Japanese word used for cute.
  49. Kitten – Like a baby cat.
  50. Lambchop – If your boy is cute as a little lamb, this is a good name for him.
  1. Lucky Charm – If he makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world, let him know.
  2. Love Muffin – Who doesn’t love muffins?
  3. Loverboy – If your man loves you the right way.
  4. Lady Killer – If a boy has charm and style then this is the perfect name.
  5. Little Monster – A silly but affectionate pet name.
  6. Ladies Man – If he can’t stop attracting female attention.
  7. Lovey-Dovey – If you find yourself falling in love with this dude every day, this is a great nickname.
  8. Link – This one is in relation to the Zelda game.
  9. Main Squeeze – For someone who your main man.
  10. Mack Daddy – Show him how much you love mackin’ on him with this pet name.
  11. McMuffin – Like we said, who in the heck doesn’t love a delicious muffin?
  12. McSteamy – A play off the hot doctor from Grey’s Anatomy.
  13. McDreamy – Another sexy doctor off of Grey’s Anatomy.
  14. Monkey – For somebody who is your little monkey.
  15. Moonbeam – Let your boyfriend know he reminds you of the beautiful night sky.
  16. Munchkin – For someone who is smaller, but adorable.
  17. My Man – This is obvious.
  18. Mine – Let him know he is your sweetheart.
  19. Muppet – If he reminds you of any of the muppets, which are dorky, but cute.
  20. Magic Prince – Showcase how magical you find him with this name.
  21. Muscleman – Give this name to him if he is very muscular.
  22. Mr. Wikipedia – If your boyfriend is incredibly smart.
  23. Movie Star – Maybe he has movie star great looks and appeal.
  24. Moose – If he is a bit bigger and buffer.
  25. Machoman – Meant for a tough dude.
  26. My Man – Showcase he is yours with this term.
  27. Nice Guy – For a guy with a kind heart.
  28. Nanner – Kind of like banana, but cuter.
  29. Nasty – If he is nasty (positively) then this is for him.
  30. Niceness – If your baby boy carries around a cloud of nicety, call him the niceness.
  31. OG – Stands for Original Gangster, but you could mean it as in original lover or original sweetheart.
  32. Only – As in your only one.
  33. Other Half – The other half of who you are, someone who makes you complete.
  34. Papi – A Spanish term for daddy, which could be used in Spanish or English as a pet name.
  35. Papito – Latin way of telling a man he is attractive.
  36. Pikachu – Cute Pokemon name to use.
  37. Puppet – If he is like your puppet.
  38. Pet – Commonly used as a term of endearment in the U.K.
  39. Paws – For somebody who is a little handsy.
  40. Puddin’ – For a sweet guy.
  41. Pudding Pop – Another play on pudding.
  42. Punk – It’s a playful name.
  43. Popsicle – Meaning he is delectable and chill.
  44. Playboy – Use on the off chance that you consider your man a player.
  45. Poopsie – It’s funny and lighthearted!
  46. Pagemaster – Perfect for a guy who loves to read books.
  47. Plum – Plums are some of the sweetest fruit!
  48. Panda Man – Pandas are cute, who are we kidding?
  49. Paddy – For someone who may have the luck of the Irish in them!
  50. Potter – For a guy who adores or acts like Harry Potter.
  1. Porro – The cute little creature from the popular video game League Of Legends.
  2. Peanut or Peanut Butter – He is the pb to your j!
  3. Precious – If you hold him dear to your heart and feel protective over him…
  4. Playmate – If your boyfriend is someone you are continually playing with and you love it.
  5. Professor – For the guy who is good at one or many subjects.
  6. Rad Lad – Used for a radical kind of guy.
  7. Rocker – For the dude who rocks your heart.
  8. Richie Rich – If your honey is wealthy.
  9. Roo – Like the cute little kangaroo from the Winnie the Pooh series.
  10. Raindrop – A nickname for someone who dropped like rain into your life.
  11. Sexy Pants – This one doesn’t need too much of an explanation.
  12. Silly– – Use on someone with a great sense of humor or who acts ridiculous.
  13. Sweet Pickle – Meaning he is deliciously sweet and savory like a sweet pickle.
  14. Smile Maker – If he brings smiles to your face every day.
  15. Slick – For the man who is smooth in not only their words but also their actions.
  16. Smoochie – It implies he is good at giving you smooches.
  17. Snookums – This one is just a nice name to call somebody you hold dear to you.
  18. Snugglekins – Let your boyfriend know how great of a cuddler he is.
  19. Snoogan – This one implies he’s got lips made for kisses. This is a British term for kissing or locking lips.
  20. Sour Patch– – If your boyfriend gets somewhat of a sharp disposition once in a while, but you love him in any case because that’s just who he is.
  21. Studley – Obviously implied for the smokin’ hot dude.
  22. Sweet-pea – Used on men with sweetie-pie attitudes.
  23. Sweet-pear – If neither of you is a fan of sweet-peas, at that point go with sweet pear.
  24. Smiley – If your beau is all smiles all the time then this name is for him.
  25. Sweetcheeks – Something to call somebody with candy character.
  26. Sexy Devil – A bad boy with sex appeal should be called this pet name.
  27. Savior – If your boyfriend is your hero, he could be called your savior.
  28. Sunbeam – If you feel like he is a ray of sunlight in your life.
  29. Studley – Another way to tell he is a handsome hunk.
  30. Sweets – If he reminds you of everything sweet and great then sweets are the name for him.
  31. Spunky – For the dude with a lot of ‘tude.
  32. Sparkles – Use on the man who truly lights up your life.
  33. Starshine – If you feel your boyfriend has star-like qualities, let him know with this tender name.
  34. Sugar Booger – A silly, but cute name.
  35. Sugar Britches – This one is also goofy, but really insanely adorable.
  36. Sheriff – He can be your sheriff.
  37. Snowflake – All snowflakes are unique, just like your guy.
  38. Schnitzel – A good, funny term of endearment referencing German cuisine.
  39. Shaggy – Good to use on the off chance that he has long hair.
  40. Scooby – Most people love Scooby-Doo if he does or you do then this name is perfect.
  41. Stitch – For a man as cute as stitch.
  42. Teddy Bear – If he is a great snuggler and you can’t avoid holding him close like a teddy bear.
  43. Tomcat – Use on a guy who likes adventure!
  44. Tarzan – Ideal name for someone who is the epitome of strength and bravery.
  45. The Postman – Meant for a dude who knows how to deliver, if you recognize what we mean.
  46. Uppity – For man soaked in high energy.
  47. Warrior – Someone who is very strong and always stands by you.
  48. Your Majesty – Use on the off chance that you believe he is your king and that you are his queen.
  49. Zazu – The cute little bird that is Mufasa’s right-hand man from Lion King.
  50. Zeus – A mythical, strong Greek God.