What is in a Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Looking for the perfect bridal gift for that friend who is getting married? Look no further than a thoughtfully constructed, wedding day emergency kit!

Wedding day emergency kits are a cute, practical way to show the bride that you care. If she winds up needing any of the items (and chances are she will need at least one of them), she will be thankful that you spent the time and effort putting it together just for her special day.

So what is in a wedding day emergency kit?

For Clothing Oopsies and Wardrobe Malfunctions

1. Sewing kit with needles, thread, and buttons
2. Safety pins
3. Straight pins / Hat pins
4. Tape for keeping clothes in place
5. Scissors (A small Swiss Army Knife with multiple tools works even better!)
6. Fabric tape for fixing troublesome hemlines
7. Clear nail polish (for runs in the stockings)
8. White chalk (great for covering up small stains)
9. Extra pair of stockings, just in case
10. Stain remover (a small bottle of club soda, a stain stick, or stain removing spray)

Health & Beauty

1. Toothbrush
2. Toothpaste
3. Floss
4. Adhesive bandages (great for warding off bridal shoe blisters)
5. Candied ginger (for a nervous tummy)
6. Deodorant
7. Pain reliever (head pain is never romantic on your big day!)
8. Antacid
9. Oil blotting tissues
10. Cotton swabs and a few cotton balls
11. Tweezers
12. Nail clippers and an emery board
13. Tissues
14. Lip balm in a neutral tone (keep chapped lips at bay after all that smooching!)
15. Bobby pins
16. Comb or travel brush
17. Compact mirror
18. Body powder
19. Face powder
20. Lipstick in the shade you are wearing
21. Nail polish in the shade you are wearing
22. Nail polish remover
23. Tampons or pads
24. Lotion
25. Sunscreen (if it is an outdoor wedding/reception)

Little Extras

1. Drinking straws (prevent those last minute spills!)
2. Breath mints (Nothing better than a sweet “I Do”)
3. A small sachet or bundle of lavender (a calming burst of aromatherapy for a nervous bride)
4. Super Glue (from heels to centerpieces, a super strong adhesive can be a lifesaver)

Bundle it all up in a pretty box (matched to the wedding colors), add a bow, and this wedding day emergency kit makes the perfect gift for a bridal shower!