Wedding Insurance: The Easy Way to a Worry Free Wedding


Let’s face it, weddings are stressful. Months and sometimes years of planning can be devoted to creating the perfect wedding, along with thousands of dollars and endless hours of worry that something, anything, might go wrong.

What if the bride’s fantasy dress is irreparably damaged? Or if severe weather forces the venue to shut down on the big day? What if a vendor unexpectedly goes out of business, leaving you flowerless or without a reception dinner? Luckily there is a simple and increasingly necessary way to ease these jitters and guarantee that your wedding is protected: wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance is essential for many unforeseen situations

Much like insurance for any other large financial investment that you might make, such as a house or car, wedding insurance is essential to ensure that you are financially protected just in case anything does not go as expected. There are a variety of plans that range in price and comprehensiveness of coverage so that you and your partner can choose the specific type of insurance that best fits your big day.

Reasons to Buy Wedding Insurance

With all of the non-refundable deposits that the modern wedding requires, from those for caterers and florists to the venue and wedding band, perhaps the most important way wedding insurance helps safeguard you is with postponement and cancellation protection.

1. You can relax and enjoy thanks to wedding insurance

While specific plans differ in the type of coverage they provide, it is standard for many plans to reimburse your non-recoverable expenses in case of severe weather, sudden illness or injury, transportation shutdown, or a call to military duty with a variety of other unforeseen scenarios. Therefore, wedding insurance will help you relax and spend this day without worrying about unexpected unpleasant situations.

2. Postponement and Cancellation Protection

In addition to postponement and cancellation protection, wedding insurance will also provide coverage for the myriad of other things that might, and sometimes do, go wrong. It will safeguard you in the case of lost, stolen, or damaged rings, gifts, photographs, or if anything happens to that perfect gown. Most plans will also financially cover you in case of a no-show vendor or a vendor who goes out of business before the festivities begin.

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3. Liability Insurance

Many wedding ceremonies and reception sites currently require that you purchase liability insurance in case of property damage that occurs at the event. Liability insurance also protects you in case of injury to a guest or for any alcohol-related accidents that might occur. Be sure, this is one of the ways to a worry-free wedding.

What Does Wedding Insurance Not Cover?

Even though wedding insurance is a very convenient service, there are still some exceptions. Below are examples of what wedding insurance does not cover.

1. Revisiting wedding expenses

Generally, canceling or postponing a wedding due to cost is not covered by wedding insurance. For example, the entire wedding may exceed your planned budget, and you decide to cut costs. In this case, your wedding insurance policy will not reimburse the lost expenses.

2. Cancellation of the wedding

If the newlyweds change their mind about getting married for any reason, wedding insurance usually does not cover the costs associated with the cancellation of the wedding.

3. Bad weather

Wedding insurance will only cover the costs of canceling or rescheduling a wedding due to extreme weather conditions, that is, conditions so severe that at least one of the newlyweds or half of the guests will not be able to get to the wedding venue. The policy is not covered for more common weather conditions, such as rain on your wedding day at the beach.

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So please, don’t leave yourself vulnerable to the many unforeseen situations that could potentially ruin your big day. Alleviate the stress and worry by finding the right wedding insurance plan to protect you, your partner, and your families. For only a fraction of the cost of what you could end up paying in the event that disaster did strike, be able to truly and comfortably enjoy the beauty and magic of your perfect wedding day.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about wedding insurance: the easy way to a worry-free wedding:

What is the purpose of wedding insurance?

The purposes of the wedding insurance program include services to protect the celebration from unforeseen circumstances: transport delay, illness or injury to the newlyweds and their next of kin, and damage to the equipment necessary for the celebration. In addition, the program covers the risks of postponing the festive banquet due to natural disasters or, for example, the bankruptcy of the celebration organizers.

How soon to buy wedding insurance?

It is most reasonable to make wedding insurance a couple of years before your celebration. This will help you save your nerves and be calmer about unforeseen circumstances that may ruin your wedding.

What is not covered by wedding insurance?

Revision of wedding expenses, cancellation of the wedding at the request of the newlyweds, and bad weather that allows the wedding are not covered by wedding insurance.

Is wedding insurance a one-time payment?

Yes, wedding insurance is usually a one-time payment to cover your entire event.