9 Ways to Protect Your Bank Accounts


Looking for ways to protect your bank accounts? Banks are hit by cyber attacks practically every day, and no one wants to think of the possibilities that they could ever have their bank accounts hacked! That’s why it’s very important to take all precautions to protect your bank accounts. Check out a few best ways to protect your bank accounts!

1. Choose good security questions and tricky answers

When your bank asks for a security question, don’t choose questions with answers that include your birthday or your mother’s maiden name. Choose a tricky question that only you’ll know the answer to. It’s one of the best ways to really protect your bank accounts!

2. Be careful when you type your password in

Another important way to protect your bank accounts is to be very careful when you type your password in. Almost every ATM machine has security camera that thieves can use to pick out your password. So keep the board covered while typing and beware of a person standing too close to you.

3. Be a loyal customer to your bank

If you use the same bank over and over again it will allow them to become more familiar with you and to get to know your spending patterns and regular expenses. Your bank can inform you if they notice anything particularly strange on your account.

4. Beware of online payment

When you buy something online, use only trusted websites and stay away of anything that seems shady. Try to mail in payments, if possible, and don’t take care of them online. I always use PayPal, because it is one of the safest ways to pay online!

5. Clear your browsing data

If you often log into your bank accounts online, it’s important to clear your browsing data and cookies often! Every website that you visit leaves on your computer a cookie and these cookies can be very malicious or harmful to your personal information. So clear your browser’s history and cookies at least once a month.

6. Pay with cash whenever possible

Pulling out your credit cards in public can run the risk that any dishonest passerby or employee could steal your information. And you never know when a faulty machine can use the information from your cards swipe to get access to your bank accounts!

7. Regularly check your charges

If you notice any strange charges in your account, ask your bank for a detailed print out. The bank can investigate strange charges and find out if your information is being used to make purchases that you did not authorize! Try to check your accounts every day to keep your money safe from thieves and hackers!

8. Always keep eyes on your wallet or purse

It can be hard to keep eyes on your wallet or purse, but it’s very important to do it! There are a lot of purse and wallet thieves, especially in big cities. When you’re walking down the street try to keep your wallet or purse close, and when at work, keep your belongings in a secure place.

9. Shred unnecessary papers

Remember all of the unnecessary papers with your personal information on them must be shredded before throwing away. Bank account and identity thieves aren’t above digging through trash to find what they want!

Do you have any tips for protecting your bank accounts? Share your thoughts, please!