8 No-Effort Ways Moms Stay Slim on Thanksgiving


It’s no accident that the annual feasting celebration falls in, well, fall. There was a time when it was necessary to overeat and pack on the pounds to get through a tough winter. The tradition of gathering with friends and family to give thanks each November has persisted, of course, for many really wonderful reasons. As has the tradition of overeating, and immediately resigning ourselves to a month of overindulgence and an “I’ll just resolve to get back in shape after the New Year” attitude.

The truth is, none of us really needs to put on the extra weight that was once necessary to keep us warm. We have clothes for that. And heated homes. And heated offices. And heated seats in our cars.

We don’t really want to put on any additional weight either, because we know it’s way harder to get off. And nobody wants to wear turkey-and-stuffing-thighs and pecan-pie-belly to the pool with the kids when summer rolls back around. Moms find it difficult to watch their calorie intakes because they typically cook for their kids.

Thanksgiving is a true disaster for moms because most traditional meals are fatty and packed with calories. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to stave off the traditional holiday weight gain. And it doesn’t even mean eating less or skipping the pie. Although taking a tiny bit of everything means a much more comfortable evening and more energy to shop the next day if you intend to indulge, use these tips to keep you – and your family – on track.

1. Relax and just watch

Photocredit: armodia1

To most moms, the holidays are one big bundle of stress. Stress, of course, can lead to overeating, and far less motivation to exercise. The solution? Indulge yourself in something relaxing, for at least 20 minutes every day (not just on Thanksgiving).

Make time for yoga, if that’s your thing or meditation. Even though it might sound crazy, getting up 20 minutes early to just sit and watch the leaves fall in the backyard can make a big difference in your stress level. Keep in mind, though, this is not a time to make lists and worry about all you’ve got to do. Get into a comfy chair, have some tea, and just watch.