9 Best Ways to Get More Done in Your Day


Have you ever noticed that your amount of work seems to grow every day and very often it is extremely difficult to get everything accomplished? In spite of technology increasing your productivity, sometimes it seems to weigh you down. If you want to learn how not be frustrated and how to be proud of what you’ve accomplished today, check out 9 best ways to get more done in your day.

1. Start your day correctly

When you start your day rightly you deal with people and make your work appropriately. Do not start your day by checking social media feeds, e-mail or voice messages. This will confuse you and you can forget what you’re supposed to do in the morning. Moreover, in this way you won’t get more done in your day! Check out also your breakfast – 5 Things to Avoid at Breakfast.

2. Start by completing two major tasks

Morning is a perfect time for getting things done. That’s why it is recommended to start the day by completing two major tasks on your list that should be done today. Try to do the hardest and unpleasant things first. Remember whatever the tasks are, they should be done as well as possible.

3. Focus on one task at a time

Focusing on one task at a time is another best way to get more done in your day. Multitasking can actually cause brain damage. In fact, our brains can’t multitask at all, but instead just switch very quickly. In this way you won’t improve your overall productivity.

4. Don’t put things off

If you want to get more done in your day you should never put things off. If you make decisions you should take action. Make it a habit to do some certain tasks at a certain time. You can put some tasks off only in some specific situations.

5. Deal with every e-mail once

Read one e-mail and deal with it now. Don’t leave it in your inbox or save it for later. If it is needed for later reference, just file it in the appropriate subfolder. It is one of the best ways to get more done in your day!

6. Don’t hold a meeting without an agenda

If you are a boss or a general manager you should never enter a meeting without a written agenda. Otherwise, you will just waste your and your employees’ time. Remember, every meeting should have an agenda. Discuss document action items, hand out assignments, and end the meeting as early as you can.

7. Delegate to other people

If you’re holding a senior position in the company, why not delegate some tasks to other people? You’re not supposed to take full responsibility for all tasks. Of course, if you set up an assigned hierarchy, you’ll always do all the tasks and you’ll never get more done in your day!

8. Minimize the distractions

It is also important to learn how to control the distractions. Turn off the e-mail, beeps, ringtones and limit visits to your office. Stay off Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, because these sites are probably the greatest source of distraction in our lives. If you don’t need the access to the Internet, turn it off. Also, try to rotate or limit the information you read.

9. Take a break

You might say that it’s impossible to take a break when you have set of tasks to complete, but you should take a rest from work. It can be 5-10 minutes break, which will give you time to refresh your mind and help you to avoid being overwhelmed. If you feel that you can’t complete the task, don’t be nervous, take a break and then try to do that task again, trust me, you will do it even better.

These are all ways to get the most out of your day. How do you get more done in your day? Share your thoughts, please!