7 Ways to Ease Uncomfortable Situations


Uncomfortable situations are all around us and sometimes it’s extremely difficult to deal with them. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you might want to know some great ways to ease uncomfortable situations!

1. Change discussion`s subject

If someone near you said something embarrassing and the discussions are getting heated, change the subject! For instance, ask someone how her or his family’s doing. Changing the subject is often the best way to ease an uncomfortable situation!

2. Keep a genuine smile on your face

Keeping a genuine smile on your face is another way to ease an uncomfortable situation. Generally, people can pick up on vibes, so if you want to come across as genuine and sincere, be genuinely pleasant! No matter whether an uncomfortable situation was caused by you or someone else, don’t be frozen in place, smile, and move on!

3. Suggest some new activity

Having lunch or hanging out at a dinner party with your friends can get tedious if the situation is uncomfortable. If that happens, try to suggest a new activity! It can be a quick walk down to the mall or a stroll out to the patio. Switching up the current activity will help everyone to get their minds off of an uncomfortable situation.

4. Just walk away

Sometimes there are situations when you just need to walk away. Maybe you feel out of place, or you do not care to be in the company of your friends or co-workers anymore. In this situation, just quietly excuse yourself and walk away. There is no reason to chat with people you don’t like for your entire lunch break!

5. Say something kind to the person who insulted you

When somebody insults us, our first reaction is usually to insult that person back. However, that creates even more tension. So try to say something kind to the person who insulted you.

Compliment sweetly on his\her recent accomplishment or the clothes he/she is wearing. One of the best ways to ease uncomfortable situations is to keep the spirit light!

6. Make it up

If an uncomfortable situation occurred because you forgot something important, you should do whatever possible to make it up to the offended person. First of all, offer an apology, and then finish the task you were supposed to do, or continue on with some dinner plans. Make it up, and don’t let it happen again!

7. Move on

If an uncomfortable situation was caused by you, don’t keep stumbling over this for the whole evening, just apologize and move on. You may also want to explain the misunderstanding but do it briefly. Keep it simple, and people around you will do the same!

Have you ever encountered uncomfortable situations? What did you do to ease them? Share your thoughts, please.