7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Man’s Birthday


Stumped on how to make your partner’s birthday special? You are not alone since my husband’s birthday is less than a week away and I have been thinking about how to make this day more special.

Each birthday is worth celebrating and if it’s a birthday of someone you love, you will do anything possible to make this day unforgettable. Whether you are ready to spend a fortune on a gift or you are low on cash, here are a few amazing ideas on how to celebrate your man’s birthday to consider:

1. Take him on a trip

If you have time and money, and if your man isn’t too busy, a romantic gateway might be the perfect way to celebrate his birthday. There’s a great number of awesome destinations to choose from.

If you decide to take a romantic trip, an inn or a lodge may be a fantastic spot. A camping trip is another great idea, especially if your man is an outdoorsman. However, if both of you are trying to save for a house or a new car, taking your man on a road trip may be a fun idea too.

2. Make his favorite meal

If you can cook and you know your guy’s favorite dish, why not make it on his birthday? For my husband’s birthday, I plan to make a couple of his favorite meals, and want to cook something absolutely new.

Men like it when a woman cooks something tasty for them. If your man prefers to dine out, consider taking him to one of his favorite restaurants.

3. Give your attention

Perhaps, the most important thing to give your man on his birthday is certainly your attention. On his birthday, try to pay more attention to your sweetheart. Turn off your phones, TV and laptops.

Forget about social media and your friends. Let your family and friends know that you will be unavailable on that day. This year, celebrate your guy’s birthday without being interrupted, he will appreciate that.

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4. Make his favorite dessert

Sure, a birthday cake is a must, but why not try making something new and different? My husband doesn’t love birthday cakes so I’ve decided to make a delicious dessert for him. Make your man’s favorite dessert, add candles to it and sing “Happy Birthday” to him to make his birthday even more special.

5. Get the tickets to his favorite event

If there’s a certain sporting event or concert that your man would love to go to, surprise your sweetheart with the tickets for this event. To make your gift more exciting and unforgettable, don’t tell him about the tickets for the event until you both get there. In case the event isn’t on your man’s birthday, you can give him a small present and tell him you have something amazing planned.

6. Write a love letter

I know it’s easier to send your man an email or a text to wish him happy birthday. While there’s nothing wrong with it, I suggest you write your sweetheart a love letter.

Use your letter to wish your significant other happy birthday and to tell him how much you love and appreciate him. He will definitely like this sweet, little gift.

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7. Throw a surprise party

One of the best ways to celebrate your man’s birthday is to throw a surprise party. This is especially wonderful if your partner has family and friends that he rarely gets to see.

If you are planning to host a big party, make sure you tell all guests a month in advance. Don’t forget to tell them you are having a surprise birthday party and your man shouldn’t know about it.

As we get older, we tend to skip celebrating birthdays. Your boyfriend/husband may not plan to celebrate his birthday, but luckily he has you who are ready to make this special day even more special.

Hopefully, these ideas helped you and now you know how to make his birthday unforgettable. If you have any other bright ideas, feel free to share them with us.