7 Ways to Avoid Money Arguments with Your Spouse


Some couples don’t know how to prevent money arguments in marriage. In the U.S., about one in five marriages end in divorce. Speak with some couples, and most of them will tell you that their biggest arguments have been about money. Because money can trigger heated arguments, it’s extremely important to learn how to avoid fights over money with your spouse.

1. Be realistic

You might be a wife who is tired of working full time outside the home. Even though you may want to stay home with your kids, this is not always realistic. Couples shouldn’t put unreasonable expectations on each other. Be realistic about your financial situation, and don’t put undue financial stress on your husband.

2. Set a budget

If you want to learn how to avoid money arguments with your spouse, start with your monthly budget. With your budget in place, you and your husband will know how to spend your money. A budget takes into account not only your monthly income, but your expenditures too. This will keep you both on track financially, and there will be enough to meet your monthly expenses. Problems can arise when there is not enough money.

3. Be flexible

Although saving money should be a priority in marriage, you and your spouse should also be balanced and flexible. It’s good to spend some money and treat yourself at times. Trouble can occur when one of you never wants to spend money. You or your husband may feel restricted, and this can lead to hiding purchases.

4. Avoid double standards

Trouble can also arise when one spouse controls all the money. The controlling spouse may freely spend money on whatever she or he likes, but forbid the other spouse to spend money on extras. Be honest and make sure that there’s an equal balance. Each spouse must be allowed to reasonably spend money if it is available.

5. Don’t hide purchases

If you hide some purchases from your partner, you probably don’t need those items. Hide purchases will destroy the trust in your relationship, especially if there is really little income for extras. You shouldn’t use a credit card, and then hide its statement from your partner. Be honest and you can avoid money arguments in your marriage.

6. Go slow

Many couples are very impatient and they want everything right now – the big house, the fancy furniture and the nice cars. But if you don’t realize your financial limitations, you can get too much too fast and it can lead to little savings for an emergency and excessive debt. Too much debt can put a strain on your relationship.

7. Don’t discuss money matters with others

Remember, your family finances are private. So you should not discuss finances with your parents, coworkers or friends. Don’t tell how much your partner earns. If your spouse is extremely private about finances, he doesn’t want you sharing personal struggles with other people. Respect your partner’s feelings.

Problems are common when you or your partner make unwise financial decisions. How have you avoided money arguments with your spouse? Share your thoughts, please!