10 Valid Reasons to Return to Your Natural Hair Color


Many women all over the world always try to do experiments with their hair, changing its color dozens of times. Sometimes such women even forget what their natural hair color looks like.

When they finally decide to come back to that natural color, it can turn out to be a problem. If you are one of those women, and you’ve changed your hair color for years, and at last you’ve made up your mind to return to your natural color, I must admit that you are such a courageous girl.

Perhaps you still hesitate and can’t decide whether to go natural or not; I can definitely say that it is really worth doing. You will be greatly pleased with the results. I hope that the following reasons will help you to make a decision easily.

1. Provide the Better Quality for Your Hair

I think no such girl in the world has never dreamt about long, healthy, and shining hair. But have you ever thought if it is possible to achieve such a result while dyeing your hair constantly? Definitely, it is not.

All the chemicals which we use to change our hair color are extremely dangerous for our health. And it can’t look beautiful if it is unhealthy. That’s very easy.

At first, when you decide to come back to your natural color, you can face some obstacles. It will be complicated if you are a light blonde now and your natural color is much darker. Still, it would help if you didn’t give up. You’ll need some time and patience, and the results will be fascinating.

2. Minimize Your Hair Care

No doubt that a new color can give your hair a stylish and luxurious look. That is the dream of all the girls and women. But there is another side to this perfect and brilliant look of your new hair.

It will take you so much time to maintain the beauty of your dyed hair. Sometimes it can be even exhausting, and we need to take a break.

So, it’s handy to go back to your natural hair color. Everything becomes much easier. You’ll forget about constant dyeing of your roots, and such a problem as fading of the color will never bother you.

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3. Relax

If you have dyed your hair once, you’ll have to take care of it all the time. And I must admit that’s difficult work. You have to dye your hair every 2-3 weeks and control your roots whenever possible, and whenever you notice some new growth, you become panic.

With your natural hair color, you’ll forget about all these worries. You’ll be completely relaxed. That is one of the greatest and most essential reasons to renew your natural color.

4. Unsuitable Color

It can sometimes happen that a girl can change her hair color for absolutely different from her natural one. And as a result, she can be greatly disappointed as the new color doesn’t match her skin and eyes, making her appearance quite weird.

Another problem you can face while changing your hair color is a mismatch with certain clothing or shades of your make-up. That’s why you should be particularly careful with all the changes in your appearance. When you give preference to your natural color, you will never deal with such problems concerning unsuitable colors.

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5. Growing Your Hair Out

It’s necessary to mention that growing hair out is quite a difficult process, for which you need patience, time, and the proper condition of your hair. If your hair suffered from numerous chemical damages, you wouldn’t achieve the desired results.

So, I would recommend you to think thoroughly before dyeing your hair. One way or another, you will expose it to various negative impacts, preventing your hair from quick and healthy growth. You should be aware of all the bad consequences that can threaten your hair if you dye it very often.

The frequent change of hair color can lead to split ends, and finally, you’ll have to cut them off. But when you have your natural color, you’ll be blessed to have magnificent, long, and healthy hair.

6. Chemicals

Obviously, when you change your hair color, you contact with dangerous chemicals that the hair dye contains. That is the main reason due to which lots of women these days prefer their natural color.

The harm of the hair dye and terrible diseases that its usage can cause is much written about in different scientific literature. What else should we know to stop dying our hair?

I know so many girls and women who become frustrated after applying an enormous amount of chemicals and other products to their hair. The matter is that all these items have only a negative effect on their hair. It would help if you stopped using all of them, and you can see that your hair will radiate beauty and health.

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7. Look Different

We know that changing our look and style today is quite an expensive thing. It can be rather costly for you whenever you want to have something new in your appearance (new clothing, new hair color, new cosmetics).

But when you decide to go back to your natural hair color, you’ll be able to change your look without spending money. Isn’t that a good reason for you? What is more important, this new look will suit you perfectly.

8. Over-processed Hair

It’s effortless to over-process your hair nowadays. There is a great variety of hair care products that are promised to be the most effective among those you’ve ever tried. As a result, you can’t resist temptation, and you madly apply all these items to your hair.

Have you ever thought about the influence of such treatment on your hair? If you dye it regularly, use heat tools and products containing chemicals, you should forget about healthy and beautiful hair forever.

When you change the color of your hair, you expose it to more damage. That’s why we should try to avoid over-processing our hair, and going back to natural color is the best way to our incredible look.

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9. Admire Your Natural Color

I’ve changed my hair color so many times, but finally, I can enjoy its natural beauty and luxury now. Without any hesitation, I can say that I love my hair color. It’s difficult to imagine, but only a few years ago, I almost hated my hair.

I’ve always considered it to be dull and even mud-colored. I didn’t notice all the brilliant and exquisite tones of my hair.

For instance, in summer, I can admire its copper and burgundy shades, and in winter, it shines with chestnut brown colors. You can see that the natural color is a fantastic way to love your appearance.

10. Pay Attention to Other Things

Some years ago, when my hair color became drastically different, I was completely frustrated and dissatisfied with my look. I did numerous experiments with my appearance as it seemed that all my clothing and cosmetics didn’t match my hair color. Sometimes I even looked weird with bright, colorful lipstick and red clothing.

At first, it was really funny, and I liked such an extraordinary style of mine. But as time passed, I couldn’t continue it longer; I just got tired of that terrible routine and wanted to make some radical changes.

I was thinking over lots of various looks which I could try and finally, I realized that my natural color would be the most suitable and perfect for me. Now, with my natural hair color, I can try different gorgeous outfits and make-up ideas.

Have you ever changed the color of your hair? What color is it now? Do you like your natural color?

Tell us about the most convincing reasons that made you choose your hair’s natural beauty and shine. It would be nice to hear your recommendations for going natural.