Top 7 Baby Name Trends of 2019


Do you know something about baby name trends of 2019? Last year 50 Shades trilogy helped many moms reclaim their babies as Grey, Anastasia, Gray, Elliot and James, and the love for gadgets was enshrined in baby’s names too: Apple jumped 15% for girls, Mac rose 12% and Siri climbed 5%. Moreover, there were such weird names as Hashtag, Facebook and Like.

Parents also loved fairy-tale inspirations, Downton Abbey inspired names and space-linked monikers. What will moms be naming their babies this year? Here are 7 baby name trends of 2019.

1. Vintage baby names

Vintage baby names are as chic as vintage furniture and clothes. Naming her daughters Ethel Mary and Marnie Rose, Lily Allen might have thought that she’s getting ahead, but there are even more antique names than that. A hit name in 1880, Wilhelmina, is making a comeback. Vivian is another oldie making a comeback. Uma Thurman’s choice of Rosalind for her daughter and Jack Osbourne’s Pearl will also propel those vintage baby names to popularity.

2. Baby names inspired by nature

This trend I love most of all! Pink named her daughter Willow, and Drew Barrymore and Jason Bateman have followed suit, picking tree names for their daughters Olive and Maple. Exotic, colorful, beautiful and strong names are catching on, so no wonder that this year moms can name their kids as Acacia, Forrest and Juniper.

3. Names starting with L

Another baby name trend is names starting with letter ‘L’. Matthew McConaughey started this trend, naming his son Livingston, Jillian Michaels and Hilary Duff followed soon. Names starting with L are often seen to be upbeat and classic, and there are many names to choose from, such as Levi, Liam, Lily and Luna, which are already climbing quickly up the popularity charts.

4. Crazy names

Many celebs are still naming their babies rather randomly. Flex O’Loughlin named his son Lion and Jeremy Sisto named his son Bastian Kick, and the rising popularity of names like Hashtag has shown that we’re following suit. But be careful – anything too crazy can be extremely hard for your average child to come off!

5. Baby names inspired by colors

Beyonce and Jay Z named their daughter Blue Ivy. Except Blue, such names as Scarlett, Violet and Hazel are becoming more popular too. Plus, Ruby has also doubled in popularity during the last 3 months.

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6. Nordic names

Recently Scandinavia has really taken everything by storm, from furniture and fashion to baby names. Often Nordic names are seen to be unusual and strong without being too weird. The rising popularity of Avengers’ Thor is also big plus. Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Nettles both recently chose Magnus for their newborns, and I think Soren, Axel, Viggo and Lars will be popular too.

7. Baby names inspired by space and places

David and Victoria Beckham’s children were named after the places where they were conceived. And this trend has started to catch on. Parents can pick favorite holidays, places, or just place names that they love. Chris Hemsworth named his daughter after their favorite country India, and Reese Witherspoon named her son after her home state Tennessee. There’s also been several Memphis and Dakotas.

Studies have shown that the trends make a great impact on the naming trends, whether it’s deliberate or sub-conscious, that’s why they are surely worth knowing. What is your favorite baby name? Are you going to use any of these baby name trends of 2019 to name your baby? Share your thoughts, please!