11 Tips for Making Your Life at Work Easier


We all must confess that our work usually takes the biggest part of a day and requires much of our energy and attention. Since we can’t avoid it we must do everything in our powers to make our life easier and our work less stressful but more productive. Here are 11 tips that will help you to make your life at work much easier if you use them as your basic rule every day.

1. Wholesome breakfast

It is really important to start your day with something tasty and healthy. Sure, it might take a bit more time than you are used to prepare it. But on the other hand you will feel yourself more comfortable and full of energy if you start your working day with something substantial but not with a cup of coffee drunk on the move.

2. It’s all about shoes

My advice is to choose your shoes while taking into consideration the peculiarities of your work. It is not that convenient to run back and forth about the office wearing high heels, isn’t it? I always have a pair of comfy office flats and a hair of dress heels under my desk. This small trick will give you possibility to always have an appropriate look and feel comfortable at the same time.

3. Start your day earlier

The first problem we face in the morning is getting out of bed. It requires all your will power and self-control. Make yourself get up earlier and after you get used to the set up time you will feel the benefits. First of all, you won’t be late for work and, secondly, your morning will be more peaceful and pleasant as there will be no necessity to rush around your apartment. As you start getting up an hour earlier than you used to you will have some time for yourself at least to have a decent breakfast. You will also manage to carry out some easy tasks so you wouldn’t have to constantly think about them all day long.

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4. Take breaks

After long and thorough studies scientists have made a conclusion that people’s mental work is more productive when they take small breaks. And we shouldn’t also forget about changing the activities from time to time. That’s why don’t be afraid to have a short walk to make copies or to make a cup of tea or coffee in the office kitchen. This will distract you from that huge amount of stuff to do and you will get back to it refreshed and with enthusiasm.

5. Clear your desk

To make your days at work easier and more comfortable, look at your desk and put it into order. I’m sure there is a lot of stuff you don’t actually need but which is always interfering. So take a 5 minute break and devote it to cleaning your desk, take away what you don’t need, bring your cup back to kitchen and wipe it at least with a napkin. You will definitely feel yourself better sitting at your clean and neat desk.

6. Get ready for Monday on Friday

In order to have a nice and carefree weekend you’d better get everything done for Monday on Friday. Nothing spoils your day off more greatly than thinking about how much you have to do on Monday morning or to prepare for the beginning of the week. Then your Monday morning will be more pleasant and calm, you won’t have to rush about and eventually you won’t end up with many thing undone or left at home.

7. Be productive

I’m sure all of you carry out your duties with all responsibility but to be honest there are some days when you have nothing more to do. Instead of surfing the net and various social networks think of something really useful to do. Depending on the kind of work you do in your office take initiative, take advantage of the opportunity to show your creativity. You may start a blog, think of a fresh idea of a project or your own investigation on some issue. You won’t have time to be bored, I may guarantee that after accomplishing it you will be satisfied with yourself. Moreover, you boss won’t leave your initiative unnoticed.

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8. Take your favorite food

Nothing will make your mood better and your long working day more bearable like some of your favorite delicious foods or drinks on your desk. Everything will go starting with your favorite kind of tee to sweets or sandwiches. Then during the break you will have the pleasure of trying delicious snacks which will help you relax and get through the rest of the day easier. So take care of this beforehand either preparing it at home or dropping at a supermarket on your way.

9. Make lists

Do you always forget to take that file with you? Is 24 hours not enough for you to carry out all your tasks? Then the best solution will be for you to get acquainted with basic rules of time management and making lists. Spare some 5 minutes to jot down what you have to do for today or the tasks for tomorrow. It is important to remain objective. Think of how much time this or that task will take you, don’t over and don’t underestimate yourself, otherwise it will not be effective.

10. Coworker-friend

I’m sure you have good relationships with your coworkers but most probably they are simply professional. Try to find a person who seems to have similar interests and views and take a step forward. Try to find a new true friend. This should be a person with whom you may have a chat during the coffee break, with whom you may joke and who may give you advice in the time of need. Having a friend will definitely make your work routine easier and more diverse.

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11. Have an after work activity

After a long and hard day at work you should treat yourself to something nice and extremely pleasant. This doesn’t mean that every day you should go out with your friends or with your partner. Plan to have a bath in the evening or to cook something you have wanted to try for a long time, to watch your favorite TV show or engage yourself with your hobby. Invent something interesting and desired so you can be looking forward to. You will see that your working hours will go faster.

How do you think which criteria would be appropriate to use when classifying this or that position as good or not suitable? Is it all about salary? Boss? The staff or the amount of work you have to do every day? We all are interested in your opinion. And how is it possible to make your life at work bearable if you are not quite content with the job you have?