9 Tips for Girls Who Have a Stuffed Wardrobe but Have Nothing to Wear


When you are under the impression that you have nothing to wear, it’s really difficult to pick out what to wear. But there are a few great outfit combinations that you need to know.

They might be not super trendy or impressive, just stylish and simple outfits that can be dressed every day and suit your style. Check out some tips for girls who have a stuffed wardrobe but have nothing to wear.

1. Black skirt and tank top

A black skirt and plain tank top can be the base for plenty of different outfit combinations. Wear a black skirt, a tank top, heels, and beautiful clutch for a stylish and simple evening look or with t-bar flats and a swing jacket for something a bit more ladylike and retro. Make sure you choose a skirt length and style that suits your body shape.

2. Dress and coat

If you need a more covered up look, then wear a simple dress with a thigh length coat. A basic black coat is one good option while a tan trench coat can also do the trick. When the weather is cool, then add tights and knee high boots.

3. LBD

The little black dress is perfect for many different occasions. It can be worn day or night with the right accessories. You can actually create a lot of different looks with the one dress!

It all depends on how you decide to style it. Trust me, updating your look is as easy as changing up your accessories or adding some extra layers.

4. T-shirt and jeans

The t-shirt and jeans are a classic combo. It’s the perfect casual outfit to wear when you think you have nothing to wear. There are many variations, depending on the color and cut of your t-shirt or jeans.

Dress your outfit up with glam accessories and heels or keep it casual and cool with sunglasses and sandals. All you need are one pair of jeans and a few beautiful t-shirts.

5. Blouse and tailored pants

Each wardrobe should have a silky blouse and at least one pair of tailored pants. For a simple office-friendly look wear a blouse buttoned up and a cardigan. Then unbutton the top buttons of your blouse and add some accessories for a fun evening look.

6. Statement clothes

One statement piece of clothing will be enough for a more trend-based look. Choose a trend you like and incorporate it into your daily style in the form of a statement piece of accessory or clothing. Even if the rest of your outfit is very simple, a statement piece can add to your look.

7. Floral dress

You could wear floral dress alone, with a denim jacket, a blazer, or a leather jacket. You can also work different angles with your floral dress, from feminine and flirty to 90s grunge-inspired looks. You can also choose a patterned or printed dress if you are not a fan of floral dress.

8. Your go-to outfit

Your go-to outfit is one that you find yourself wearing very often and that makes you look and feel great no matter what. When you think you have nothing to wear, you can always choose your go-to outfit.

9. Denim shorts and striped shirt

A classic item, navy striped t-shirt, looks great styled in all kinds of ways. Denim shorts worn with a striped shirt, leather sandals and a straw hat would look perfect worn anywhere from the park to the beach.

Most of these outfits could be interchanged to create even more stylish and classic looks. Girls, do you have any tips? Share your thoughts, please!