Can’t Sleep? 7 Things to Do after Midnight Only


Sometimes I just can’t sleep at night. I turn off all the lights, I keep my eyes shut and I’m trying my best to get some sleep, but I still can’t fall asleep. So I start looking for some fun activities to do after midnight in order to cope with my insomnia thing easier.

While it’s vital to sleep well each night, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little time enjoying the beauty of the night. Here are a few incredible ideas to try the next time you can’t fall asleep after midnight.

1. Go for a night drive

What’s a better way to enjoy the serenity of midnight than going for a night drive? It’s one of the most amazing ways to get rid of all the day stress and annoying thoughts.

Try riding around your town suburbs just for fun. Listen to your favorite music or radio, or simply enjoy the silence. Sometimes even the sight of the empty streets helps to relax and clear your mind.

2. Watch the stars

This is one of my favorite things to do after midnight. There’s nothing more beautiful and mysterious than the midnight sky.

If you can’t fall asleep, go out and look at the night sky. The night sky is one of the most fabulous creations that I’ve ever seen in my life. I enjoy looking at the dark sky, the stars, and the moon. It’s so magical!

3. Let your ideas flow in

Perhaps, there’s nothing more reliable than a midnight walk to get really bright ideas. Whether it is the project you have been working on or the writer’s block you have been trying to cope with, allow the midnight mist to shake up your ideas.

Maybe you’ll get some great solutions to the complicated problems, who knows? I’ve notice that the most creative ideas are always born at night.

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4. Enjoy the beauty of solitude

Although many people don’t like solitude, it’s great to spend some me time. It’s said that the greatest works of art are created in solitude.

What’s a better time to enjoy the beauty of solitude or simply enjoy your own company? Sure, midnight! It’s an ideal time for contemplation, meditation and envisioning.

When everybody is asleep and I’m awake I feel as if it’s only me and the moon, together for the long night. Midnight is a perfect time to follow your fascinations, so why not scribble a nice poem?

5. Take a late night tour

Sometimes there are some late night tours of cities during festive seasons or on special occasions. If you feel scared when you are alone at night, consider taking a late night tour. This is a safe way to enjoy a midnight city and beat your insomnia at the same time.

6. Watch a midnight movie

Don’t feel like going anywhere? Try watching a good midnight movie. Try one of those you have always wanted to see, but couldn’t find time in your busy schedule.

There are even some cinemas that have late-night or special midnight screenings. I like to watch movies after midnight, since there are no distractions at all.

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7. Practice a midnight yoga

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I mean, who else does practice yoga after midnight? In fact, there are many benefits of doing yoga when you don’t feel like sleeping.

Not only do you have some fun instead of checking your clock every 5 minutes, you boost your mental and physical health as well. If you live in a big city, look for some late night yoga classes. Midnight yoga is becoming more and more popular these days.

They say, night time is the best time to enjoy life. It’s up to you – whether to feel miserable when you can’t fall asleep after midnight or get up and do some fun things that will make you feel happier and hit the sack with a smile on your face later.

What do you like to do after midnight? Do you enjoy the night time?