Top 6 Things a Woman over 40 Should Not Wear


Even if you look half your age, when you are 40 there are some things you should avoid wearing. You’re not young and not too old and you can still wear different trends, but it’s better to avoid some certain styles.

There’s never a must wear style that you should follow when you are over 40 and there’s no need to follow that fashion magazine in an attempt to find the appropriate style for women over 40.

But you need to understand your body and be aware of how you’d look in some outfits and accessories. So here is a list of 6 things a woman over 40 should not wear.

1. Mini skirts and tight leather pants

If you are a woman over 40, I hope you understand that you shouldn’t wear a mini skirt and tight leather pants. It takes a lot of work to keep the legs slender and fat free after a certain age.

And not many of women manage to do that. That’s why it’s better to avoid clothes that highlight your legs and arms as well.

2. Glitter

Another thing a woman over 40 should not wear is glitter. Whether it is in your makeup, your clothes or your accessories, it is something that must definitely be avoided. Glitter can be great for your daughter, but not for you.

3. Layered clothes

If you don’t look beautiful in tight clothes, it doesn’t mean that you should drape yourself in loose-fitting clothing or wear layers. You need to find clothing that fits you well and make sure that it’s well-tailored.

4. Tight clothes

You might think that you look good in tight clothes, but it’s a big no-no! You should avoid wearing very tight clothes if you are over 40.

Those extra bulges which develop as you grow older look not so beautiful in tight clothes. Again, find clothing that fits you well. You can dress a beautiful evening dress or a cute cocktail dress.

5. Heavy jewellery

Keep in mind that flowy clothes, chunky jewellery and mismatching shoes must not be your fashion staple. Try to keep your jewellery simple and elegant. Even if you find chunky jewellery fascinating and beautiful, try to avoid wearing them when you are over 40.

6. Flared Jeans

Well, you know flare jeans look particularly good on a woman who has longer legs, and they look really good with high heels. You are over 40, and it’s better to stay away from flared jeans, unless you have a perfect body shape! But if they don’t suit you, it can ruin your look.

The main thing you should keep in mind is to wear something you feel comfortable in. There are so many amazing clothes for you! Just make sure you wear age-appropriate clothing and you will always look wonderful!

So what do you think of this list? What other things should wear a woman over 40? Please comment below.