Be, Do, Have: Three Steps for Success


Life is all about choices. What are you choosing for your life, at this very moment? If you are reading this, chances are you feel that there is something lacking in your life. Goals unmet, dreams abandoned, opportunities missed. Well, the great thing about life is that it can change at any moment. Today is the day you begin to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re depressed, stuck in a rut, or simply ready to take your life to the next level, here are three steps are sure to guide you to success.

Step 1: Be

Be who you are, who you have always wanted to be. Imagine your ideal self: What do you act like? Maybe you are more motivated. Maybe you are more comfortable with yourself. Maybe you are smiling. Maybe you are glowing with excitement and happiness.

Here’s a secret: You could be all of those things, right now.

Being is perhaps the easiest of these three steps, because you are already doing it and you can change your state of being at any moment. It’s all about mindset. Being is not about a job, or your weight, or even personal goals. Being is just your state of existing, it is who you are. Your thoughts can change your world.

Step 1 is to be your best self, starting right now. Start smiling. Start sharing your natural enthusiasms and the essence of yourself with others. Start loving yourself.

Step 2: Do

Equally important is doing. Now that you have started “being” yourself, it’s time to start acting like it. What does this ideal self want to do? You now love yourself and have the confidence to pursue your goals and dreams. And that’s what you have to do.

Make a list of five personal, long-term goals.

Now, for each of those goals, prepare a “Step One”. What can you do, right now, to make this goal a reality?

There is only so much you can control in life. You can’t control (fully) whether you get a particular job, or even how much weight you can lose in a month- there are genes and other factors. But you can control your actions. This is accountability. What you can do, you must. And you must follow-up, with enthusiasm and confidence.

Doing is not only about right now. Because with these first actions, you create a wave of forward movement. You are throwing your efforts into the universe, and when you do so with positive thinking, the universe is bound to throw good things back at you. But you must catch them, and keep them going with more action. There is a flow, and you cannot let your own “stuck” thinking interrupt it. Remaining focused and driven will help you to avoid these pitfalls.

It is not enough to begin a project or goal. Goal-setting is key, but there has to be follow-through. There has to be effort, and often times hard work.

Step 3: Have

Having sounds like the “easy” part, and often times it is. But there’s a risk, too. Often times that old, “stuck” thinking comes into play and we begin to feel like maybe we don’t deserve these things we have, and then we might mess it up.

Key to having is gratitude. Yogi Bhajan, a yogi from India, once said, “Gratitude is the open door to abundance.” He wasn’t lying. If you are grateful for what you have- and that include being grateful to yourself for your own accomplishments- your prosperity will continue to grow…and your dreams will only get bigger.

Life is too short to not be living it the way you want to. The great thing is, you always have another chance. Now is your chance, right at his moment. Seize the day and unleash the power within you. It is your destiny. Start following these steps to success today!