Some Facts About World Recession


Recession is opportunity which a lot of us were waiting for long time. Recession hits our financial institutions first and then our lives are affected.

Companies go for down-sizing and lots of people are laid off. Lot of people loose job in affected companies.

Time seems such that nobody wants the goods or services anymore. And still few people grin with joy.

Facts about recession

Check out some interesting facts about recession.

    1. Usually in times of economic depressions – divorce rate goes down. There are points which are connected to divorce and stability of economy. For some couples, divorce becomes a luxury during recession and the poor guys can’t afford it in tough times. Rough figures for drop in divorce cases are around 37% according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
    2. Crimes and thefts increase during any economic slow downs.
    3. Recession sees major boost in major number of patients for psychiatrists. Psychiatrists have most profitable business during economic difficulties.
    4. Churches are usually full during economic depression.
    5. Most of countries are on the verge of facing negative inflation coupled with recession.
    6. There are no absolute numbers available on political fallout due to recession. Different countries saw politically influenced moves like be national by national type of sentiments.
    7. Emigration data shows down trend for developed countries. Less people migrated to other countries during recession.

But here comes the deal.

There are people who use recession for building their wealth for future. They buy good properties for cheap prices. These people also buy large stakes in companies during recession which come cheaper.

It is good time for them to invest for future and for long time. As economy improves itself, their investment will grow.

There are certain rich peoples from Middle East and Russia; every economic difficulty is boom for them. Rich investors from Middle East who have oil-money wait for recession.

Recession is life time opportunity for them to get new stakes, raise existing share in company. Troubled west looks to them for help during recession. That help comes with a price.

No doubts, recession is worst for many and best for few. Best for those who have money and can invest in troubled times.