7 Smart Ways to Make a Difficult Decision


Making decisions in our life is quite a complicated process. But when we have to make important and serious decisions it becomes a big problem. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make it easier to find the way out. For every problem, we can always find a solution.

The hardest thing for me is to make choices. If I make the wrong one I will constantly blame myself for that. I wish you do not repeat my mistakes. That’s why to consider the following list of recommendations which will be helpful in making decisions.

1. Ask Your Friend for Advice

It’s not a shame to ask somebody for advice when you feel problems with making decisions, especially if that person is your friend. Opinions of other people are very important if you can’t make a choice or decide a problem. In spite of that, your own point of view must predominate. Otherwise, it won’t be your decision.

You just have to take your friend’s advice, compare it with your opinion and after that make a conclusion. For instance, when you want to move to another place and ask your friends for advice, they can persuade you not to do that. And everything because of their strong desire to stay near you. Remember that you should do the last choice.

2. Roll the Dice

Sometimes rolling the dice can help you to make a decision if it is really a big problem for you. But to my mind, it shouldn’t be the main way to solve the problem. It works but not with vital questions.

So if you want to make some simple decisions and have fun at the same time you can use rolling the dice as a solution. The results will be astonishing! As an alternative, you can use a Magic ball application on your iPhone.

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3. Follow Your Intuition

It is a well-known fact that we should listen to our hearts when making love decisions. If more practical choices are made our gut instinct prevails. When this instinct doesn’t help, you can remember about rolling the dice or tossing a coin. It can make your decisions easier.

There is no guarantee that the result of your choice will be successful. You may be absolutely frustrated but definitely, you will know that was the wrong choice. I usually prefer to follow my instincts when making difficult decisions.

4. Think over the Pros and Cons

For every difficult decision, there are always pros and cons which must be obviously considered. Before making the last choice you should think over all the possible consequences of your decision. To make things easier you can even draw a list of pros and cons on paper.

In such a way, you will visualize both sides of the situation and make it clear in your mind. I often try to use this way when it comes to difficult decisions. It really helps me.

5. Take a Break

The best recommendation for making the right decision is to refresh your brain and emotions. It is not an easy task to find the proper solution for your problem if you have been worrying about it for a long time. Try to take a break for a bit of time, stay aside from your problem and make sure that all your negative emotions and anxiety left you.

You can’t make a good decision being under stress and nervous. That’s why come back to your problem a bit later when your mind is clear, fresh, and full of new ideas.

6. Turn to Advice Columns

Nowadays advice columns become very popular among newspaper and magazine readers. If you don’t have any hopes of making difficult decisions you can certainly use these columns for help. There are also numerous online advice forums. They can be effective for you too.

To take advantage of the columns you don’t need to announce your problem to everyone. You can simply read about the similar problem which other people have, solutions which are suggested to them and use them for your own issue. The problems that are most often discussed in advice columns deal with friendship and love.

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7. Get Information about Your Options

In order to make quick and proper decisions, you should get enough information and research your options. That will simplify the problems. For example, you can get information on the Internet about different things and only after that make your choice.

Make research online if you are not sure about the place to visit on holiday or dress to wear to a wedding party. As a result, you will be filled with inspiration to make decisions.

I’m sure that all these recommendations will be helpful for you when you need to make difficult decisions in your life. My own experience shows that these tips work and make it easier to solve problems. In order to prevent yourself from worries, stress, and sleepless nights trying to follow at least some of these tips. You can share your own secrets which help you to find solutions to your problems and make the right choice.