7 Small Things That Can Ruin Your Whole Day


Our day consists of various moments, events, meetings, emotions and all these things have direct influence on our both emotional and physical well-being. Some people try to prevent such failures while others treat it as a “Murphy’s Law.”

There are a few things that can ruin the whole day, but remember that almost everything depends on your positive vision of the world. Don’t let anything and anyone take control of your day and your life because you’re the only person who is in charge of your own life and you’re the one who decides whether to be happy today or let others put you down.

1. Annoying remarks

As we know, negative remarks often have harsh impact on a personal frame of mind. One negative remark has the power of ten compliments.

But everything depends on the way you perceive critics. Human subconscience is a strong thing, so the only way out is to ignore negative remarks and take delight in positive moments around us.

2. Forgetting info

When you are as busy as a bee, it’s easy to forget some info, tasks and to break all deadlines. Such things can destabilize even well-organized and responsible personalities. In a discouraging situation like this it is important to stay persistent and follow your day schedule.

3. Being late

Being late is a very worrying and unpleasant start of your day. There’s a great variety of reasons to be late, but in most cases nothing depends on you.

Millions of people suffer from traffic jams, bad weather, so make sure you don’t stress over things you can’t control. Just smile and think about the people you love or other wonderful things in your life.

4. Rude strangers

Sometimes strangers or people we are cooperating with treat us badly and it can certainly ruin the whole day. Sure, it all depends on your type of character and on the way you treat extraordinary situations. For instance, how many times did you get into a quarrel with strangers or leave a store in a terrible mood because someone didn’t have good manners?

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5. Bad hairdo

Your hairdo plays an important role in defining your look. Some people even believe that the fortune during the whole day depends on your hair condition.

A good hair day guarantees you wonderful mood and absolute self-confidence. A bad hair day provides you a bit depressing vision of everything.

Smart hat or hair done in a knot can help you succeed at hiding the mess. By following this advice, you can relief your uncertainty and feel more self-confident.

6. Long lines

People usually spend a lot of time standing on long lines, especially in big cities. As for public transportation, it’s quite overloaded and we often find it challenging to get to the place of destination we need.

You can stand hours on long lines, waiting for a bus. While waiting for a bus, time flies very slowly and you might even end up being late to work.

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7. Small problems and failures

Difficulties in various spheres of our life can have a negative impact on our emotional state. Getting a bad grade at school or messing up at work can be a depressing experience.

But mistakes are not actually so bad, we need them to improve ourselves. So, whether your experience is positive or negative, be grateful for it. Don’t let those small failures ruin your day!

We should be aware that we are given trials to get better, to form ourselves as full-fledged individualities and to receive priceless experience. Don’t give way to negative thoughts and your day will never be nasty.

How do you keep emotional well-being on a positive level?