7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him


6. Don’t Be Too Impressed

You shouldn’t expect that a guy will do everything possible to gain your affection if you demonstrate your rapture and surprise after his every word. Being aware of your feelings and attitude to him, the guy will not need to do any attempts to impress you. No matter how hard he tries to please you, don’t show your admiration and let him think you’ve had much better. However, try not to repeat him every day that you are difficult to impress, otherwise he can get disappointed and give up. When he presents one hundred roses to you, do not faint or squeal with delight. Simply smile, thank him and say that it’s very nice of him. I would only advise you not to change him. I mean he can pretend to be another person – more talented, more sociable or more popular – in order to impress you. If you are too demanding as for surprises and gifts or his personal features, he can gradually get irritate and he can leave you. You should value his care, compliments, cute messages and paid dinners! Your gratitude is a good motivation for your boyfriend to cherish you more and more. This is a wonderful way to encourage men to do their best.