6 Signs You Are Being Stalked


While some signs of stalking are very evident, there are a few that can be very subtle. It’s extremely important to know them so that you can identify the stalker’s behavior before things get out of hand. Check out a few common signs that you’re being stalked.

1. You feel that you’re always being watched

Do you have the feeling that someone is watching you constantly? Do you turn around to see if somebody is following you? If it happens once or twice your mind might be playing games with you, but if it happens every single day, somebody is actually watching you.

If you notice any suspicious activity, be sure to call for help immediately. Ask your friend to help you to spot anyone who is following you.

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2. You receive calls from unknown or withheld numbers

If you keep receiving calls from unknown numbers, this is one of the signs you are being stalked! Stalkers may even withhold their numbers so that their real identity isn’t revealed. Whether the call gets cut after a few rings or someone speaks on the other line, keep a log of each call so that you can use it as reference if the situation gets really serious.

3. You receive cards or gifts every day

Sure, you might have a secret admirer who sends you cards, flowers and other gifts every once in a while. Your secret admirer will definitely reveal her or his identity after some time. But if you keep receiving these cards gifts and the sender never reveals her or his identity, this could be one of the common signs that you are being stalked.

4. You get constant requests from unknown people and fake profiles on social media

Getting constant requests from fake profiles and unknown people on social media could be one of the signs that you’re being stalked. Nowadays, it’s easier to stalk somebody in the virtual world.

If your stalker chooses this way of stalking you, she or he will try to befriend you on the most popular social networks. So be careful about whom you add to your friends list to stop a stalker from monitoring your online activities.

5. Somebody posts derogatory things about you online

If you find the offensive, defamatory and insulting things about you have been posted on social networks, blogs or any other websites, it is a sign that somebody is trying to stalk you. No matter whether it’s manipulated images or a few lines of text, keep a log of all the postings and think of going to your local authorities. Never take any type of online defamation lightly.

6. Someone is constantly vandalizing your property

If somebody is constantly vandalizing your property, it could be a sure sign that the person is stalking you and simply trying to get your attention. Your mailbox could be ripped, your car window could be broken and somebody might even damage your home. Remember stalkers will do anything just to grab your attention.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you? Share your thoughts, please!