8 Sure Signs of a Serial Dater


Nowadays there are a lot of women and men who are serial daters. They can be charming, fun, exciting, and witty. Recently, I started wondering what exactly the surest signs of a serial dater are.

Do you think you might be a serial dater? Check out all of the signs that can tell that you’re a serial dater!

1. You accept any date, any time

If you are ready to accept any date, any time, regardless of the connection, it might be one of the surest signs that you’re a serial dater. You might want a connection, but you don’t want to take a date for what it is – free drink or food with someone you like or not like.

2. You like the dating game

Most of us love the dating game in the beginning, though there are many signs of a serial dater that revolve around the dating game. If you’re always dating, and always lining up date after date, don’t you think that you love the dating game too much? You should think about it!

3. You think of the date as a free meal

Many times I have met girls who think of the date as a free dinner. That is probably the worst way to look at a date. If you’re thinking like that, you’re a serial dater and only in it for free dinners! It’s about finding someone worth it, it’s about the connection, it’s about love, or even making a friend.

4. Something casual

Serial daters don’t want something serious. I am not going to say that you cannot date casually, but if you don’t want serious relationship and you cannot even think about settling down with someone else, that might be one of the surest signs that you’re a serial dater!

5. You’re interested in money

If your interests focused only around money and you always think of how much money guys spend on you, this is another sure sign that you might be a serial dater. No matter what type of date you go on and how inexpensive or expensive it is. You need think about the connection and finding someone!

6. You never try to make a connection

When you go on a date, do you try to make a connection or put yourself out there at all? If you don’t even ask questions and don’t try to get to know person’s hobbies, likes and dislikes, you might be a serial dater!

7. You’re looking for Mr. Right Now

This sign can vary, because many daters out there are not certainly serial daters and they are not looking for a free dinner, they are actually searching Mr. Right. And if you’re always looking for Mr. Right Now who will pay for drinks and dinner all night, you are a serial dater.

8. You don’t want to get to know the person

When you’re on a date, do you put any thought into the conversation or ask any questions? Do you think of where the other person is going or even what this person has been through? These are important things to think about if you really doubt whether you are a serial dater or not.

Are you a serial dater? Or do you know someone to be a serial dater? Do you know some other signs of a serial dater? Share your thoughts, please!