7 Signs He Is Not Planning to Propose


Is the man you are dating serious about you and your relationship? If he is serious, then he will certainly give you some hints towards marriage. If you want to know whether he is planning to propose to you or not, check out a few signs that can help you to know about the situation.

1. He doesn’t talk about the future

If your boyfriend doesn’t like to talk about the future with you, then why are you with him? If your guy is not interested in your dreams and future goals, he might be not interested in your relationship at all! If he had been interested, he would have encouraged you and supported you in reaching your goals and dreams.

2. He doesn’t talk about marriage

When you start talking about marriage, he diverts the topic or feels uncomfortable. If he changes or just ignores the subject, then he may not be interested in marriage. In each healthy relationship, marriage is one of the main topics to discuss. So think twice before continuing dating your boyfriend!

3. He avoids commitment

When you ask him about future commitment, he doesn’t reply or just ignore the topic totally. He tells you that he can’t commit to you in the future. In this case, you have to evaluate the situation, find a solution, or break up with him.

4. He doesn’t talk about his family

If a man is serious in a relationship, he will take some steps towards marriage. He will introduce his girlfriend to his family. And you don’t know anything about his family, right? Have you ever wondered why he doesn’t want to introduce you to his parents? Talk to him regarding this and if he ignores the topic, then something is certainly not right.

5. His work is his first priority

Commitment is the most common answer he might give to avoid the subject of marriage. When you asked him about future, he would reply that his work is his first priority. In this situation you can be sure that he is not planning to propose to you.

6. He puts physical needs first

If your boyfriend puts physical needs first and forget about emotional needs in the relationship, this may be a sign he is not planning to propose to you. If he is interested only in getting physical with you, he might not be serious about you and your relationship.

7. His friends are divorced or single

Know about your boyfriend’s friends and social circle. If you find out that all or most of his friends are divorced or single, then make sure of his feelings, because he might not be serious about the relationship too.

Have you ever experienced any other signs he may never propose? Share your thoughts, please!