Regina Clarke recently joined as a contributing writer


Regina Clarke has a doctorate in English Literature and after some years teaching at a university, she entered the rather unexpected career of writing about IT software for high tech corporations. Along the way, she has written short stories that have appeared in a number of mystery and science fiction magazines, in print and online. She has also published nonfiction.

Her passion is for the fields of metaphysics and spirituality, which she has studied for many years, with a focus on how people can learn to value the unique and creative selves they are.

She enjoys dining out with friends, walking labyrinths, writing in coffee shops (especially if fairy lights are part of the décor), watching the antics of her eclectus parrot, and hiking in the wilderness.

In her posts, Regina will suggest ways in which problems in everyday life exist both as opportunities and as challenges that bring us both a greater awareness of our own personal power and a willingness to make choices that enhance our well-being. Enjoy reading her wonderful articles!