7 Reasons You Should Take a Break Right Now


If you are extremely overwhelmed and always tired, there are a few crucial reasons why you should take a break right now. I know it’s difficult to think of a break when you have a lot on your plate. Unfortunately, many people think that they can get all of the things done efficiently even when they feel stressed out and overwhelmed. No matter how busy you are, you need to take a break every now and then, especially when tasks begin to become too much. Consider these reasons to take a break when you feel you really need it.

1. You feel exhausted

If you get to the high point of being exhausted, you need to take a break. When you are overwhelmed, it seems everything irritates you and you can’t focus on or think of anything except sleep. Stress is never good and it can affect each aspect of your life. Every person needs to take a break from time to time to feel happier and healthier and enjoy their life without stress and anxiety.

2. You forget everything

One of the critical reasons you need a break is because you forget everything. You forget to buy fruits and veggies after work, you forget to accomplish an important task that your boss asked you to do today, you forget what someone says to you, etc. It’s difficult to remember and focus on something when you are overwhelmed.

3. It’s a good refresher

A break is an excellent refresher. It’ll allow you to de-stress and shift your focus before accomplishing those difficult tasks or projects. Don’t think that you waste your time when you take a break. 10 to 15 minutes will get you ready to study or work again. Make it a rule to have a few minute break when you feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

4. You aren’t productive

When you are overwhelmed and stressed out, you are not as productive as when you are happy and not tired. Last week, I had a great amount of tasks to accomplish and worked without breaks hoping to do my work faster. I was so tired that I ended up feeling run down and it took longer than usually to accomplish my tasks. This was because I didn’t take breaks to calm down, breathe and refocus before completing my work.

5. You are ready to drop

The most important thing in your life should be your health. It unhealthy to work hard without taking breaks. Yes, you have a great amount of work, but it’s okay to put it down and have a rest. Your boss won’t blame you for doing it. You are a human and you can’t work 24/7. Think about your health first. Eat healthy, get enough sleep and don’t forget to exercise regularly.

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6. Poor quality of your work

Even if you work 24/7 without taking breaks, don’t think that you will accomplish more tasks. Yes, you can accomplish them all, but think of their quality. The quality of your work will certainly diminish and you can end up doing lesser quality work. I know it may seem strange to take a break when you have plenty of important tasks to accomplish, but you can’t do great work when you are exhausted.

7. You are swimming in anxiety

Living in a constant feeling of worry, stress and anxiety is never good. It actually increases your risk for a nervous breakdown, cardiovascular issues and anxiety attack. If you have lots of work to do, stop swimming in anxiety and don’t be too overwhelmed around your clock. Do one task at a time, take breaks and you will complete your work without feeling exhausted and stressed out.

Sure, it’s easier said than done, but you should certainly take a break when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. It will help you feel better, look better and live a longer life. You want to see your great-grandchildren, don’t you? How often do you take a break when you are overwhelmed?