7 Reasons Being a Woman is Awesome


Do you love being a woman? There are so many benefits to being a woman. When you are a woman all the options you have are countless. Check out a few reasons why it’s awesome being a woman.

1. Ladies first

When you are a woman you can use the expression, ‘Ladies first, to the fullest. Take the opportunity and use it in every situation you can. After all, it is just common courtesy, but it is so nice to hear that, right?

2. Pregnancy and giving birth

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful and amazing things you can experience. It’s so great to feel the baby inside of you and you just can’t express the emotions and feelings you acquire when you feel your baby move or kick for the first time. Sure, you go through agonizing pain during labor, but it’s worth it.

3. Makeup

This is another reason why it’s awesome being a woman! One thing I love about makeup is that I can go neutral or add more color to my pretty face as I want. Beauty changes with each season, giving us more variety. Sure, there are some men who wear makeup, but women can have a lot of fun with it and don’t be ashamed.

4. Shoes

Women have many options with shoes. We can have short or tall shoes, pumps or flats, sneakers or sandals, closed or open-toe shoes. Men have plenty of sneakers to choose from, however, they got nothing on us, right?

5. Clothing

When it comes to dressing women can wear both girl or boy clothes, and even can rock the outfit to the fullest! Women have so many gorgeous dresses to choose from. We can wear everything from sweaters to blazers, to long sleeve shirts and shorts, there are so many options to choose from! Or if you run out of your clothes, you can wear your boyfriend’s ones.

6. Accessories

When it comes to accessories, the possibilities are endless! They are so versatile that makes they are so much fun to make! Depending on the outfit you are wearing, you can dress it down or dress it up with accessories. Everything from scarves, hats, and purses to jewelry and watches. Or you can even throw it all on!

7. Hair

Women are so lucky to have such a great variety of hair options! We can wear it short or long, curled or straight, down or up, not to mention different color combinations. Most men usually prefer to have a short haircut. Don’t cut your hair. Remember most guys prefer girls with long hair!

Do you know any other reasons why it’s awesome being a woman? Share your thoughts, please.