Pursuing an Accounts Receivable Career


Even during these difficult economic times, certain trained professionals remain in high demand throughout the job market. This is certainly true of competent accounts receivable professionals. Individuals specializing in accounts receivable perform duties that prove integral to accurate accounting for their companies, thus remaining an asset to employers.

Accounts Receivable Duties

An accounts receivable professional performs various tasks depending on what type of business employs him or her. However, certain common responsibilities are shared by almost everyone working in the accounts receivable field.

Typical accounts receivable duties include all areas regarding maintenance and implementation of billing procedures and payment collections, management of customer accounts, counting all accepted money and preparing bank deposits, assisting customers with questions or discrepancies regarding their bills, payments and other account issues, handling account cancelations due to non-payment, creating account and money management systems such as spreadsheets and various other accounting-related tasks.

Accounts Receivable Education and Training

Many employers require an accounts receivable professional to possess and maintain varying levels of education and training, depending on the specific position and company. Most individuals desiring an education in accounts receivable can find a training program that they can complete from home using a personal computer and internet connection, or research their local community college’s extended education or adult studies course offerings. These types of programs generally provide some sort of certificate upon completion.

If one wishes to acquire a more extensive education, he or she may choose to pursue an accounting degree. Educational institutions offer accounting degrees ranging from the associate’s degree level all the way up to doctoral degrees. Someone planning to work as an accounts receivable professional can readily receive work with a certification or an associate’s degree in accounting or accounts receivable.

Accounts Receivable Salary

According to a compilation of accounts receivable salary information from various websites, the estimated annual salary for an accounts receivable professional averages at approximately $30,000; although accounts receivable managers can earn as much as $100,000 per year.