7 New First Date Ideas


The summer gives you and your new guy perfect reasons to skip an old restaurant idea. When you meet the guy you want to get to know better, so why not try something new? This summer say no to the first dates featuring a movie and dinner, no matter how chic it is! Check out some new first date ideas and be sure your date will appreciate the effort you have put in to the planning.

1. Make your way to a game day

This is baseball season, so purchase some Cracker Jacks and peanuts, find the nearest softball league and enjoy a game day. Want to splurge a bit? Choose a professional baseball game and try to snag an autograph. I really like this new first date idea, and you?

2. Have a game night

A game night is one of the best ways to get to know a person! If the guy is a self-centered and insecure control freak who doesn’t like to lose, you will find out on a game night. Let your inner child loose for night, with a game night!

3. Take a dance lesson

Want to check out his moves? Take a dance lesson! That’s a sneaky way, which really works! If you can’t dance, don’t worry! Just practice a little alone before your date. There are many free and easy YouTube dance lessons!

4. Take a cooking lesson

Taking a cooking class is one of the yummiest first date ideas. If you want to have food on your date, why not make it yourself? So show off your wifey skills by stirring pots and banging pans with a culinary class. Who cares if you cannot cook? It’s a lesson! You will definitely learn how to cook!

5. Take a boat ride

With the summer fast approaching, you might want to think about taking a boat ride. I prefer paddle boat ride, since it’s very fun and very romantic! But don’t forget to take foods, drinks and other essential things!

6. Take painting class

That’s another way to show your skills, or lack of them. Find a good art studio and get to stroking. Some art studios offer wine with painting, and even if that sounds amazing, I’m not sure how it can affect your masterpiece!

7. Tour the city

Sometimes being nosy is great! If sightseeing is something you really like, tour the city. At low cost or for free you and your guy can explore a mansion, park, farm or some mountainous regions. You don’t have to live near or in a major city in order to take a tour.

Your creativity can make ideas for a first date endless! Hope, you will like these new first date ideas! Do you have any other ideas to add? Share your thoughts, please!