7 Biggest Mistakes of a Modern Society


It’s difficult to live in a modern society since it’s full of mistakes, principles and prejudices. Democratic world gives people freedom in almost all spheres of their life. People are free to behave and act the way they like.

We should remember that uncontrolled democracy without morality and ethic regulation can be dangerous for people from all over the world. Nowadays, society has a blurred vision of reality.

It seems to me that we’ve become blind to many obvious things and truths. We make mistakes and don’t even know about them. If we don’t correct our mistakes today, then our future generations will suffer from the consequences of our sins.

Many positive values have been replaced by negative ones. Greediness, rudeness, cruelty and indifference have become predominant values that guide the life of millions of people.

I think that people should open their eyes and try to understand that it’s never late to save the situation. We should learn to value things and use humane ways to reach goals.

I believe that a mistake is not a mistake, if we try to correct it and change everything for better. I hope this little article will motivate and inspire you to improve your life starting today.


1. We can’t imagine life without problems

My workmate has a habit of complaining about her problems all the time. It seems to me that this person can’t live without drama.

I think that her negative outlook is the reason of her sufferings, because she notices only bad things in life. I always try to cheer her up by saying, “Don’t trouble troubles, until troubles trouble you.”

It’s easy to live without issues if you focus on positivity and have the ability to enjoy and celebrate every moment of your life. If troubles trouble you, then you should do your best to handle the situation.

The main secret is to treat your failures with optimism. The biggest mistake of many people is to become disheartened and make constant struggle with problems and negativity a part of their lifestyle.

2. Many people postpone a visit to a doctor

The phrase “I have no time” is the life motto of many workaholics. They usually have no time to take care of their health, because it doesn’t fit their schedule. Other people also ignore or postpone a visit to their doctors, because they lack money.

They prefer to wait until the symptoms of the illness will fade away. This is one of the biggest human mistakes people will regret later, because the consequences of total inaction can be fatal. Another reason of inaction is the fear of hospitals.

I’ve always been afraid of doctors and different hospital procedures as well. My friends’ stories about their visits to the dentist usually scared me to death. Plus I feared medical mistakes, but a bit later I took my courage in both hands and started visiting doctors.

I understood that my health was my responsibility. Now I’ve already got rid of my fears. Every time I’ve problems with health, I attend the hospital.

If something is wrong, I visit at least two doctors. I think it’s better to get different opinions about the problem. If they correspond, I follow the doctor’s prescriptions. If not, I continue investigating the problem.

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3. It’s impossible to change yourself

Many people consider that they can’t run from themselves. But what for? Running from the problems is the choice of weak and diffident people. I’m sure that the reason of all your troubles and conflicts lies within your mind.

The sooner you accept this truth, the quicker you’ll have a chance to start a new life. Theoretically and physically it’s easy to change. It’s significantly harder to dare to make confident steps and actions, because human beings are afraid of unknown.

I can state with assurance that people often underestimate their abilities. I have two friends who had changed beyond recognition in a quite short period of time.

I think that people begin to change when they’re becoming sick and tired of their present lifestyle and conditions. Don’t repeat the mistakes of other people. Express and change yourself the way you want.

4. We take rudeness for strength

Rudeness is a self-defense reaction of weak people. They believe that attack is the best way to defense themselves. Rude words and actions push people away from any person.

This strategy protects them both from bad and wonderful people. I think no one likes to be treated in a rude way. As a result, this negative trait of character makes you lose more than you gain.

I don’t like people who use vulgar language and behave in an impudent way. I treat rude people with compassion, because I know that only miserable people prefer to reach their goals with a help of rudeness. Their ability to hurt people’s feelings can play an Old Harry with them later, because all bad things return to its original source like a boomerang.

5. Money is everything in life

Wealth is the cherished dream of many people on this planet. They’re ready to take a sin upon their souls. Yes, money can help people make both noble deeds and bring sufferings to each other.

But sometimes money corrupts people, because it gives them temporary power and superiority. Many of us can’t resist the temptations of money. It often provokes people to treat each other with contempt and disrespect.

One day, my grandmother told me a parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. This parable is of current importance even today, because people still repeat the mistakes of their ancestors. It taught me to treat others with love and respect.

Kindness and compassion should prevail over evil. I’ve realized that family, love and respect are the main values of human beings. Money is just the tool that motivates us to move on and helps to develop.

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6. Everything will come in its time

Everyone knows these wise words. I believe that everything will come only if you make enough efforts to achieve desirable results. If you sit down twiddling your thumbs, you should forget once and for all about successful and happy future.

My friend says there’s no need to spoil nerves and overload yourself with work. She prefers to go with the flow and wait until a superhero or Santa Claus will make her dreams come true. I can’t admit this truth, because I’m a realist and I try to make concrete steps toward my goals.

7. Life is endless

This is the most common mistake of many people. They think that they’re immortal and their life will last forever. Unfortunately, time flies very fast. You should value every moment spent with your dearest and nearest and manage your time effectively, if you want to succeed in something.

You shouldn’t forget to say right words at the right time and keep your promises. I try not to reflect deeply on this point, because I’m a bit sentimental person. I just live my life to the full and don’t let laziness prevent me from happiness.

You should be wise enough to realize that mistakes can exert both positive and negative influence on your life. Accept and admit your mistakes and you’ll be able to cognize the truth and move in right direction.

What other biggest mistakes of a modern society do you know? Share your thoughts with us!