5 Must-Have Items at Disneyland


Taking young kids to Disneyland is a magical, memorable experience. Parents want a Disneyland visit to be unforgettable for only the right reasons. This article will give you 5 must-have items to give yourself and your kids the Disneyland visit of your dreams.

1. Bring a kit of essentials

A backpack with a few necessary items will prevent most disasters that can take place on a visit to Disneyland. Using this packing list to prepare your kit ahead of time will give you an opportunity to buy things you don’t already have at home.

2. Bottled water

Hot weather and walking all day will make your family need water readily available. A thirsty kid is the least critical result of not having water handy. Dehydration and heat stroke are more serious effects of being without water. Bottles of water are available for purchase at Disneyland, but they’re expensive and can’t be taken on rides. Many $2.75 bottles of water are thrown into trash cans at the ends of line rides.

3. Small first-aid kid

With all the excitement of Disneyland, it isn’t uncommon for excited kids to lose their focus and get bumps, scrapes, and bruises. An instant cold-pack, some bandages, triple antibiotic gel, and some pain relievers like ibuprofen or Tylenol will help prevent a minor injury from becoming a major disaster. Walking all day might give your family blisters, and applying moleskin will prevent them from getting serious.

4. Hand sanitizer

A large concentration of people putting their hands on every surface that you touch puts you and your family at risk of getting sick. Having hand sanitizer ready before the kids eat anything will save you from inconvenient trips to crowded restrooms.

5. Sandals or flip-flops

You’ll be glad that you can keep your socks and shoes dry if you have sandals for water rides. Walking in wet sneakers often results in very painful blisters.

A family visit to Disneyland is usually a big highlight of a kid’s life. Memories of first seeing Sleeping Beauty Castle, hugging Minnie Mouse, dancing with Cinderella, riding the Dumbo ride, munching on churros, and being amazed by the dazzling fireworks show will make a kid’s heart radiate joy.