Juices Vs. Cocktails: What’s best?


Confused by the juice labels when shopping? You’re not alone. Full aisles of juices, cocktails, beverages, juice drinks and blends are enough to confuse anyone.

Juices Vs. Cocktails

So, which should you be buying if you’re shopping for health? The simple answer is 100% juice. 100% apple juice, 100% cranberry juice, 100% orange juice etc. Labels such as juice drink, beverage and cocktails contain much less than 100% fruit juice, are diluted and filled with sugar and additives.


When picking a blend you might feel like you’re getting the best of 2 or 3 juices but the amount of each fruit is usually very small. 100% juice is just what it says.

Be cautious when shipping for juices. Know what’s what and serve the best to your family!