Important Tips on the World Cruise Center in California


How long have you dreamed about going on a cruise? What has stopped you from going? Money? Time? Not knowing enough detailed information? If you have never gone on a cruise because of the third reason – not knowing enough detailed information – chances are you don’t know where to go, where to park your car, or what cruise lines depart near you. If you live in southern California and you plan on going on a cruise in the near future, the following information will be important to you.

If you live in southern California, finding the right place to depart from is easy. The World Cruise Center is not only the largest port of call in California, but on the entire west coast. While it might be convenient for Californians, many people from other states use the World Cruise Center as well.

The World Cruise Center is located in San Pedro, California, which is approximately 90 miles south of Los Angeles. The cruise lines available at the World Cruise Center include Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Costa Cruise Lines. It’s important to note that Carnival Cruise Lines does not leave from this location. Their ships depart from Long Beach.

Parking lots

If you’re going to drive to the World Cruise Center and park your car in one of their lots, make sure you know which lot is best. If you’re taking a 3 or 4-day cruise, park in Lot 1 or Lot 2. These two lots are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Parking is $12 for every 24 hours. If you’re going on a longer cruise, park in Lot 6, Lot 7, or Lot 8. The fees are the same, but these lots are open 24/7. Since these three lots are farther away from the docks, a courtesy shuttle is provided. Also, if you park in one of these lots, be prepared to pay ahead of time. You can do so with cash, a credit card, or a traveler’s check.

Shuttle from airport

For those who need a shuttle from the airport to the World Cruise Center, your best options will be LW Transportation and Saferide Transport. They both offer limousines in addition to shuttles. LW Transportation can be reached at 877-595-4664 and Saferide Transport can be reached at 888-852-7433. If you need a ride from the airport to Long Beach for a Carnival cruise, use Sav-On-Shuttle. They can be reached at 800-642-0167. Regardless of your departure destination, if you’re traveling with a large group and you want to save money, use United Checker Co-Op. They offer a shuttle service where everyone rides for the price of one. They can be reached at 888-275-4822. Also if you need to move your stuff you can call to California Moving Company.