How to Make Your Own Gift Baskets


What makes a better gift than a homemade gift basket? Nothing, really. Here are some gift basket ideas for every person in your life.

1. Baby Shower Gift Basket

Start the basket with a small package of diapers followed by a package of wipes. Add some baby powder, lotion, and baby wash. In front of that stuff add some onesies, bibs, and receiving blankets. In the front add some smaller stuff such as pacifiers, nail clippers and socks.

2. Out Door Kids’ Basket

Give this to all the young kids in your life to get them excited for summer. Start your basket as a big pale for playing in the sand. Add some shovels and sand molds. Add water guns, sidewalk chalk and bubbles. To make playing in the sun safe, add a bottle of sun block.

3. Rainy Day Basket

Give this basket as a Christmas gift to all the tots in your life to make it through those long winter months stuck indoors. Start the basket off with some big coloring books. Add some markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Add a couple board books. Put in a couple cans of play-doh.

4. Spa Gift Basket

Do you have someone in your life who is always stressed out? Give them an at home spa package to relax and let go of some stress. Start the basket with some bubble bath and relaxing lotion. Add two wine glasses and a small bottle of wine. In the front put in an eye mask, bath pillow, bath salts and a soothing sounds CD.

5. Chocolate Lovers Basket

Do you have a true Chocoholic in your life? Give them this basket to fulfill all their cravings. Start the basket off with a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and a bag of chocolate covered nuts. In the middle add some rich chocolate bars such as Godiva and Lindt bars. Add some delicious rich Lindt truffles. Place small Dove chocolates in the front.

6. The Man’s Basket

Yes, even men can appreciate a gift basket. Start this basket with a rolled up T-shirt of his favorite sports team. Fill this basket with tools they will always use such as assorted size and shape screwdrivers, hammer and measuring tape. Add in assorted size flashlights. Top it off with a mug to pour his favorite beer in while watching the game.

7. BBQ Lover’s Basket

This is another gift basket men will enjoy. Start with a pair of tongs, a spatula, and a cleaning brush. In the middle add assorted BBQ sauces and Steak Seasonings. In the front, put some small things such as a meat thermometer and BBQ basting bowl.

Do you have any other ideas? Share your thoughts, please!