Top 7 Grocery Items You Should Spend More On


While many of us are trying to cut down grocery bills, buying cheap items is a false economy, because of the low quality. What’s the point of buying a cheap tea, for instance, if you don’t like drinking it? It’s better to buy a more expensive brand, and drink it less often. You should also spend more money on healthy food. Read on and find out some of the grocery items you should spend more on.

1. Bread

Bread is definitely top my list of the grocery items you should spend more on! Cheap bread is lacking in nutrients and it’s so tasteless. Just compare a cheap white sliced loaf to a home-baked wholegrain loaf. A cheap white loaf tastes bad and it’s so unhealthy for you. Try making your own bread it’s much tastier and is far healthier. If you don’t have time, buy a high-quality loaf from a bakery.

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2. Meat

I don’t think that you buy a cheap meat, but I want to remind you to buy a good quality meat, even if it costs a lot. There are two extremely important reasons for this. The first reason is that it’s much better for your health, because cheap meat is poor quality and packed with additives. The second reason is that intensively farmed meat involves cruelty towards the animals. So always choose humanely raised meat.

3. Fruits and veggies

You should certainly spend more on fruits and vegetables. Perhaps you think that they are very expensive, but not eating fruits and veggies at all will cost your health dearly. If you are on a budget, you can still buy fruits and vegetables by cutting out processed foods. Stop spending on junk food, and free up the cash for healthier food instead.

4. Cleaning products and detergents

You might notice how awful all those cheap cleaning products and detergents smell. They are not effective at doing the job they are intended for. Moreover, they are bad for your skin and the environment. Plus, cheap detergents ruin your expensive clothes.

5. Orange juice

I can’t even think of buying a cheap orange juice! It’s made from concentrate and juice from concentrate is more acidic and so unpleasant. Opt for pure juice instead, or make your own. I know it costs twice as much, but, trust me, the price is justified. A pure juice is much healthier and tastier!

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6. Eggs

I don’t know the difference between cheap eggs and expensive eggs (if you know, please let me know!), but I know that cheap eggs can cause food poisoning and many other health problems. Spend a bit more on eggs and avoid those problems. That’s certainly worth spending more on.

7. Toilet paper

Yes, ladies, you should spend more on a toilet paper. A cheap toilet paper is terrible. If you buy it, you will soon have to buy it again, as it just is not as absorbent. Don’t try to cut down your grocery bills by choosing a cheap toilet paper, it’s not worth it!

While I’m also trying to cut down grocery bills, I don’t afraid to spend more on these important grocery items! Cheap groceries are lacking in nutrition and tasteless, so focus your budget on buying healthy and nutritious foods. What do you think of this list? Do you spend more on one of these items? Do you have any grocery item to add to this list? Please share in the comments.