7 Festive Ways to Celebrate the Year of the Horse


Although many people focus more on Christmas, it’s also important to welcome the year of the horse the right way. Places such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and other Middle Eastern countries take their New Year’s Eve celebrations seriously and boast their own festive traditions. Perhaps you know that the year of 2014 is the year of the wooden horse, according to the Chinese calendar. And here are a few festive ways to celebrate it properly.

1. Prepare a holiday dinner

For the year of the blue wooden horse, your festive table should have a fresh loaf of bread and plenty of vegetables and fruits. When it comes to drinks, your festive table should have light alcoholic drinks. You can serve your dishes on wooden plates, but if you don’t have them, ceramics and glass are also great.

2. Decorate your house

Another way to welcome the year of the blue wooden horse is to decorate your house. The year of the horse is represented by the purple, blue, green, teal and gray colors. So, this year forget about the red and green theme, instead, switch to blue, gray and purple hues. Small wooden ornaments on your Christmas tree are other wonderful accessories that perfectly fit into the theme.

3. Gifts

While many people view Christmas as a gift-giving holiday, others wait until the New Year’s Day to exchange presents. Remember, presents never have to be pricey, they can be as small as simple handmade cups and holiday cards. Also, you can think of gifting small horse souvenirs since they make the most appropriate presents!

4. Invite your family and friends

Horses are dynamic animals and they usually spend their time at the stables, thus celebrating the year of the horse would be better with your family and close friends. You can stay at home with your company, watch the ball drop at Times Square, or go out to a restaurant. It’s up to you. Just make sure you celebrate the holiday with the people you love.

5. Outfits

The best colors to wear on New Year’s Day include blue, purple, black, gray, green, and even metallic colors. Horses are very elegant and powerful creatures, which is why your outfit should be elegant and fierce. This means you can wear skirts with deep cuts without any hesitation. And don’t forget about accessories, which add a bold touch and give off a gorgeous look.

6. Makeup

Depending on how you will be celebrating the New Year, you should choose your makeup look. If you’re going to attend a New Year’s party, a darker and bolder look will be the perfect choice. If you’re going to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with your family and close friends, go for a natural look. You can also incorporate blue, purple, and metallic colors into your look.

7. Hairdo

You know, horses are known for long, coarse hair, and I think it’s a great idea to go with the curly or straight look. The long horse ponytails would be also appropriate. This year I’m planning to have the fierce and messy braid!

The New Year is a great opportunity for families and friends to get together, have fun and enjoy the holiday spirit. How will you be celebrating this New Year?