7 Efficient Ways to Become Less Self-Critical


All women tend to criticize themselves very often. Naturally, most of them suffer from low self-esteem, which is the main reason for their bad mood or depression. Certainly, we should be objective towards ourselves. While it’s important to analyze our behavior, find out all our character’s flaws, and try to get rid of them, keep in mind that you shouldn’t be obsessed with this idea. It is the biggest problem of most women that they usually see themselves as being imperfect.

Though, in fact, it isn’t so. We are too strict with our personalities because of numerous expectations from our friends, family, and employers. Perhaps there is no need to prove your perfectness to others. Try to look different at things, and you will see how beautiful, clever and successful you are. If you don’t want to become completely depressed soon, you should stop criticizing yourself right now. Some time ago I had the same problem in my life.

Fortunately, I managed to overcome my low self-esteem and become happy again. I would recommend you try the following effective ways to help you become less self-critical.

1. Discover Your Talents

If you want to improve your self-esteem, you should try to find out what you are perfect at. Just think of your traits and abilities that others consider to be really good. I’m sure there must be some things from which you can get inspiration no matter how big and serious they are. In such a way, you will focus on your good traits and talents, which will help you feel more confident.

For example, I know that there are two things I can do perfectly: creating something and writing. They always help me to stop thinking about certain characteristics I hate about myself. I’m not very good at sports, I’m always late to every event, and I don’t look like a top model. Whenever these terrible things come to my mind, I try to concentrate on my talents and strengths. They help me to realize I’m not the worst person in this world.

2. Be Inspired

One of the best things which I can recommend to you is to draw inspiration from different sources. Always remember those things which motivate you and give you the power to succeed in your life. By being inspired, you will surely get everything you’ve dreamt about. Only inspiration can help you notice all the beauty and excellence of this world. Consequently, there will not be a place for self-criticism in your mind.

3. Erase Negative Words from Your Talk

Some so many pessimistic people who always talk about negative things. Are you one of them? You should certainly delete all the negative words from your vocabulary to prevent self-criticism, which in some cases can lead you even to a nervous breakdown.

Try to avoid pessimistic thoughts in your head. Every time they come to you, persuade yourself there is no need to speak them aloud. To get rid of this negative habit, you will have to practice a lot. But it’s really worth trying.

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4. Don’t Focus Too Much On Your Appearance

It is typical of all girls and women to pay much attention to their appearance. When it comes to our body, we can do everything possible to make it perfect. Sometimes we become obsessed with this idea. Women look in the mirror at every possible opportunity, trying to find at least one thing that must be changed.

That clearly shows how critical you are about yourself. Don’t look in the mirror so often! I must admit this is also my greatest problem, which I have overcome recently. What helped me in his? I didn’t focus on the things that had to be changed; I just thought about all the pluses I have. I can’t promise that it will be easy to do, but you must certainly try to see the results.

5. Give

Once you’ve discovered your talents, you should bring them to life. Show your best sides to the world by doing something you are good at. Besides, there are lots of amazing activities which will make you feel satisfied and happy.

For instance, you can try volunteering, joining the club with the same interests you have, or simply creating something with your own hands. Make sure that you give back your talents to benefit the world. Without a doubt, all your attempts will be awarded. When you see that all your abilities and talents can be practical, you’ll be extremely proud of yourself.

6. Consider Your Loved Ones

I must say you’ll be constantly dependent on those people who surround you every day. I mean your family, friends, a boyfriend, and even your colleagues. They will always make an impact on your life and your self-esteem in particular. It can be surprising for you, but your closest people may stimulate your self-criticism. Generally, our family members can tell us about our bad traits. That’s why sometimes it is necessary to avoid communication with them as they will influence you badly. It doesn’t mean you should listen to the recommendations of these people, but if their remarks are insulting to you, something is going wrong in your relationship with them. Are you unhappy with your guy or friend? Do you feel any discomfort being with them? Then you don’t need such a relationship that can harm your health and emotional state. You can’t be less self-critical if others tell you about your flaws every day.

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7. Be Honest

It is vital to be honest with yourself. You should remember that people can’t be good at everything. Every person has definite things that must be changed. When you see a stunningly beautiful girl, you can be sure there is at least one thing she doesn’t like about herself. That’s why stop criticizing yourself and enjoy all the benefits you have got. Even if you are not perfect, believe me, nobody will care. It happens so that many children are subjected to peers’ mockeries that can influence their confidence and self-esteem. All in all, we should learn to accept ourselves as we are, doing things that bring us joy and satisfaction. Maybe you are not the prettiest girl in this world, but you can do something perfectly.

We should admit that self-criticism is one of the greatest problems that most women face nowadays. To cope with it, you should stay patient and positive. Have you ever criticized yourself? Was it difficult for you to stop doing that? What helped you to become less self-critical? Please, share your ideas with us.